10 Tips for Article Writing Ideas

Too often writers complain that they want to write something hot and that will attract a wide number of readers. In fact, hot and unique article topics with attention-grabbing titles are really needed if we would like internet users to read and digest what we write every day.

We all know how internet user’s attention span are much more reduced if they are browsing through the Internet. As compared to reading the newspaper, a novel, or even an obscure textbook, people’s attention easily wavers when confronted with articles in the Internet.

If you want to write an article, which will draw many readers, then it is important that you also learn to look out for newer sources of ideas. If a novelist needs inspiration and research in order to create a novel, then you as a web writer also need new information, more interesting resources and fresher ideas to come up with interesting articles.

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First, you need to be patient in finding solutions for article resources. In order for you to deliver truckloads of articles guaranteed to dazzle readers and increase web traffic, then consider these ten article-marketing venues.

These article-marketing strategies will also be your main source of highly original article topics.

1. Chat Rooms – engage your time and participate in chat rooms where your target audience frequent. In chat rooms, questions, ideas, opinions, information and data will pour forth to fill your mind with new ideas on what articles topics they will be interested.

You can just listen to their questions and then make articles answering their queries. You can also make use of their actual experience, which they will surely talk about.

2. Hot topics – focus only on these. Topics frequently broadcasted on TV, radios and talks shows are usually the hot topics you are looking for.

Do not think that because they are much covered in these medium, people are already fed up with them. Not until they stop talking about it is people fed up with such issues.

3. Discussion Forums – get deep into forums and message boards. Same as in the chat rooms, check out queries and questions on certain topics. They do not much see these topics in the internet that is why they are asking. You can grab this opportunity by writing articles that will answer their articles.

The answer to their questions is the ideas waiting to be formed into informative articles.

4. Customer Survey – conceptualize a question and answer form and have your web site customers answer them. Request them to go to the section in your web site with the Q&A form or e-mail them with it.

From their answers, you will this know what kind of articles or ezine they want to see published on your web site. You can also ask them outright what topics they want to read about. Ask for suggestions too.

5. Guestbook – check out your site’s guest book and you will see that users sometimes have questions and comments that will give you inspiration on what topics to write about.

Some users also go as far as offering useful ideas to guide you in writing article with high readership percentage.

6. Hot Selling Products Advertisements – this article marketing strategy are usually found on online bookstores superior sellers list. You can also find them on online business sites where they broadcast the best-sold product during a week or a month.

This will provide you with a nice and useful idea on article topics that will capture the idea of bought buyer and seller.

7. Time – well this may not be an article marketing strategy, but it sure is a good approach in order for you to come up with worthy topics.

You can center your articles depending on the holiday, season and world-shaking events people are most interested in. You can also add a bit of history. Write about something that occurred during a certain period in the present.

8. E-mail discussion lists – for those who do not know it yet, another article-marketing source is the e-mail discussion lists. Check out unusual stories being discussed, too.

9. In Demand topics in your Niche – present fads on a specific industry related to your web site are usually good topics, too. It also draws a lot of leadership.

10. Customer Questions – instead of simply e-mailing your customer or client and straightforwardly answering them, write an article instead.

Sometimes ideas for attention – grabbing ideas take time to form, but it can a lot eaiser if you pay attention to user participation or involvement.

I hope that you enjoyed the rich resources provided by these article-marketing tricks. You might actually burst with many new things to write about once you have gone through them!

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