10 Things to Do to Occupy Your Time Instead of Social Networking

Social media has become something that many people are addicted to. As more and more people join social networks, many are spending more time than they would like reading wall post and playing games. As we get swept up and increase our time on these websites, we sometimes need to make an effort in keeping off these sites. Here is a list of ten things you can do instead of spending time on social network websites.

Read a book

How many of us have a book that we have purchased and had every intent to read, but just haven’t yet? Well, here’s our opportunity to curl up on the couch and read it from cover to cover.

Take a walk

We spend way too much time indoors in our society. Instead of sitting in front of the computer, lace up those shoes and take a walk around the neighborhood. This is an especially good option now that the weather is getting better.

Bake some cookies from scratch

Baking cookies is becoming a lost art with the increased use of mixes and pre-made dough. Take the time and bake the cookies from scratch. Recipes are easily found online from sites such as Allrecipes, Worried you’ll make too much? Then share them with co-workers or neighbors. Chances are, they will be impressed that you baked cookies.

Go to the park

Local parks have a lot to offer if you take the time to check them out. There are trails, nature programs, picnic areas, and so much more to discover. You won’t be able to experience anything close to it from a computer.

Call someone

One of the sad things about social networks is that people tend to not really talk to each other once they have gotten the scoop of each other’s life events by reading things that are posted online. Take those moments you would spend online and give someone a call just to see how they are. You’ll be surprised at how much they will appreciate the call.

Play games on a handheld gaming system

This has been one of the alternatives I have chosen. Instead of stressing out about having to get back to a game for something or trying to get a high score, play a game just for fun on a handheld system. I found a used Nintendo DS in great shape that came with a case and game for $50. I can even play some games with my kids. It’s been nice hanging out with them this way.

Play a board game

Everyone has board games in the house. Pick one and play at the kitchen table with your family. This will open up an opportunity for some great conversation that you would not have if you were in front of the computer.

Go out for a cup of coffee

With the popularity of coffee houses, finding one shouldn’t be a problem. Get out of the house and go get a cup of coffee. Let you thoughts go and take some time to wind down.

Take up a hobby

What were the things you liked to do that you enjoyed so much you always lost track of time? Have you gotten to a point where you just don’t take the time to do it anymore? Maybe it’s time to rediscover those hobbies.

Plan out and have a party face to face with your online friends

Take the time that you would have spent on social networking sites and plan a party. Have the guest list be those who you socialize with online. If you talk to these people online, how much more fun would it be to hang out with them in reality?

Sometimes it takes effort to minimize your time online. There are many people out there who know they spend too much time on social networking sites, but aren’t sure how to change their habits. The key is to find something to do with your time that you enjoy and helps keep you off websites and remain in the “real world”.