10 Things I Love About Toronto

As a global citizen, I have lived in Australia, Asia, The United States and Canada, I had lived in Toronto for a number of years; here are the 10 things I love about Toronto:

1. Cultural diversity: Some have said Toronto and New York City are the 2 most cultural diverse cities in the world. Coming from Sydney, Australia, I thought Sydney is already quite a culturally diverse city, but Toronto takes it to the next level. This means the children are growing up in a diverse society exposed to different types of culture, something I see as an advantage.

2. Four distinct seasons: I like 4 seasons, I spent my childhood in Asia which has four seasons before moving to Australia which just has 2 distinct seasons. 4 seasons means you can see the landscape and nature changing, with different kind of animals coming into our garden and parks.

3. Close to East Coast: I love East Coast of United States, it is the center of the world, with cities like New York City, Washington D.C., Boston..etc, all these cities are great for business and visiting. All of these cities are within 2 hours flight time, and we can drive there as well.

4. Toronto is a financial hub on its own: Toronto is actually the 2nd largest financial hub in the East Coast, just after New York City. Events like PDAC make Toronto a special place to conduct businesses. Torontonians are also very open minded when comes to business innovations.

5. Plenty of Activities: There are endless activities to do in Toronto. Personally, I like musicals and cultural activities; and there are a plenty of museums, galleries and broadway musicals to choose throughout the year.

6. Mild Summer: Weather is a big thing for many, I am one of those people who can not stand long, hot summers. Summers in Australia are way too long, which is up to 6 months sometimes, which can reach 35 to 42 degrees frequently.

7. Cost of Living: Although Canadians love to compare their living cost to USA, and complain how expensive it is in Canada. The truth is, the living cost in Canada is very reasonable in global standard. In fact, if you factor in free healthcare and relatively low interest rate for mortgage, then it is probably not too different from US. The cost of living here is definitely lower than Australia and Europe, and housing & grocery cost are substantially lower than many parts of Asia.

8. Choice of Sports: I grew up watching American sports. When I moved to Australia, I was disappointed to learn that all my favorite sports are not available. Toronto is great in terms of sports choice: it has its own hockey, baseball, basketball, football and even soccer teams. The bad part is, none of its sport teams have done well over the past few years.

9. Food: Food is important, and thanks to cultural diversity, the choice is abundant here. Also, because of its proximity to US, there is a wide range of grocery and often at reasonable price (in global standard), you can also get fresh fruit at supermarkets, or from local farmers markets.

10. People: This is the main reason why I like about Toronto. I do not why some people comment that Toronto has many rude people. In general, people are polite here; it is a big city, so of course, there will be frictions here and there.

However, compare to most cities I have lived in, the service level here is generally much better, and people are more friendly and less stressed here.