10 Summer Flick Picks for 2011

This seems to be a summer of sci-fi, fantasy, and Marvel comic heroes. If you like action this summer is packed with it and you will be in sensory overload. The most anticipated movie of the summer is of course the conclusion of the Harry Potter series. Summer is always lighter fare and the summer of 2011 is no different. There are quite a few family flicks and a bevy of comedic choices. I am anticipating a marvelous summer full of movie magic. Here are the ten I am really looking forward to seeing.

Thor – playing now

Thor is cast down to Earth as a punishment, and then the dark forces of Asgard are sent to invade the Earth forcing Thor to prove his worth. Stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin.

Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides – playing now.

Jack Sparrow is forced aboard “Queen Anne’s Revenge” the ship belonging to Blackbeard the pirate legend. He seems to share a dark past with Angelica and doesn’t know who to fear or trust in this epic adventure. Stars Johnny Depp, Ian McShane, and Penelope Cruz.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 opens July 15th

Sad but true the concluding installation to this wonderful journey. Harry, Ron, and Hermione go back to Hogwarts and face off with Voldemort in their biggest battle ever. Stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins – opens June 17th

While not true to the book this does promise to be a family fun favorite. Thomas Popper (Carrey) gets a crate from his long lost dad and nothing is the same for this real estate mogul. Stars Jim Carrey, and Madeline Carroll.

Our Idiot Brother – opens August 25th

The title alone makes me laugh. This just looks to be good fun. This is a film about Ned who goes home to live with family after a drug bust. Stars. Paul Rudd.

Horrible Bosses – opens July 8th

Three friends plot revenge killings of their petty micromanaging bosses only to have everything backfire in this comedy. Stars Colin Farrell, Jason Bateman, and Jennifer Aniston

Something Borrowed – playing now

Imaging introducing your secret crush to your best friend and the having them hit it off. This is the plot of this romantic comedy, and this promises to be a good summer date flick. It stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, and Colin Egglesfield.

Super 8 – opens June 10th

A group of friend filming a super 8 film witness a train wreck that turns out not to be an accident. Something very sinister is going on and the local deputy is determined to find out. Directed by Steven Spielberg, and starring Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler, and Ron Eldard.

Cowboys & Aliens – opens July 29th

A western with a UFO twist. The town of Absolution does not welcome strangers as it is ruled by Colonel Dolarhyde (Ford). Then a stranger (Craig) arrives and he doesn’t know who he is. Then people start disappearing and the people of Absolution realize they need the strangers help if they want to survive. Stars Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wild.

Monte Carlo – July 1st

Three youg ladies take a long anticipated trip to Paris that turns into a disaster. Then one of the ladies is mistaken for a rich heiress, letting the fun begin. Stars Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy.