10 Reasons You Should Go Natural with Your Skincare Routine

1. Natural skincare products don’t contain artificial fillers, fragrances, or dyes. These can lead to skin reactions, particularly in those with very sensitive skin, and can compound problems for people who have psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea.

2. We absorb over 60% of anything that is applied to our skin. The harmful chemicals that you see in the ingredients lists on your makeup and skincare products are going directly into your bloodstream. Natural products avoid toxic chemicals.

3. Layering chemicals and the harsh detergents found in most synthetic facisal cleansers onto the face causes pores to become clogged, leading to acne. Natural skincare regimens are non-comedogenic, allowing the skin to breathe.

4. Natural products make it easier to moisturize your skin and keep it moist. The moisturizers in natural skincare products don’t use synthetic creams, which can actually dry your skin.

5. Most natural skincare products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. If you want to be certain to avoid this, check with the manufacturer of a product to be certain.

6. Nature has given us amazing smells already. Natural products use real plants and herbs, eliminating the need to insert laboratory-created scents into the mix. They also smell fresher and look more appealing than synthetically colored and scented products.

7. Natural skincare products contain naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidents, and nutrients that our skin craves. Anti-oxidents can even aid your skin in fighting off cancer because they fight free radicals.

8. Synthetic products can cause wrinkles – yes, even the ones that claim to prevent them. Natural products manage to slow the signs of aging far more successfully than their synthetic rivals because they nourish our skin inside as well as on the surface.

9. The fewer ingredients in a product, the better. The same goes for pronunciation. If you need a microbiology degree to pronounce a word on the ingredients list, it probably shouldn’t be going on your skin. Natural products use ingredients that you hear every day – such as aloe vera, honey, coconut oil, green tea, and natural extracts.

10. If you try to keep your carbon footprint to the minimum, natural products are far less wasteful than synthetic ones. Natural skincare products are biodegradable, won’t contaminate water systems when washed down the sink, and tend to be packaged in eco-friendly, minimal, biodegradable materials.