10 Quick Kitchen Tips to Save Money on Food

Priced food lately? Sure you have and you know it’s not getting any cheaper. Making more money to spend on food may not be a current option, so the alternate option is to stretch foods dollars by saving money on food in the home kitchen. Try these ten quick and easy money saving tips in your kitchen.

*Buy pancake syrup, ketchup, honey, mustard and the like in large economy sizes, then transfer to smaller water bottles that have pull-up spouts. The water bottles are reusable, the perfect size for small hands and are virtually spill proof.

*When using stick butter or margarine, save stick wrappers by placing them into a Ziploc freezer bag and popping in the freezer. Next time you need to butter a bread or cake pan, use the butter wrappers.

*To prevent cooking oil from dripping down the side of the bottle (and being wasted) while pouring oil into a pan, don”¹…”t remove the inner foil seal. Punch two holes in the foil seal, one larger than the other and on opposites sides and use the larger hole to pour. This will help control the amount of oil used and prevent wasted oil drips.

*Keep bugs out of staple foods items like flour, corn meal and sugar by storing them in the freezer. The consistency and flavor remains exactly the same, and no waste due to bug infestation.

*When baking with molasses or syrup, break the recipe’s eggs into measuring cup first, then dump eggs into mixing bowl. Measure molasses or syrup into same measuring cup and all of the sticky ingredient will slide out, leaving none behind to be wasted.

*When serving a slice or two of freshly baked sheet cake, slice the pieces from the cake center, then slide the two ends together. This will keep the cake fresher longer.

*Preserve ripening bananas for future use in bread or smoothies by freezing them. Mash ripe bananas, add 1 tablespoon of Fruit Fresh per quart (about 8 bananas) of mashed bananas and stir. Divide mashed bananas into recipe-sized portions (one cup) in Ziploc freezer bags and freeze until desired.

*Prevent toast crumbs from messing up kitchen counter and add bread crumbs to your stash by placing toaster in an oblong glass baking dish. The crumbs will fall into baking dish and if your family eats a lot of toast, the toasted crumbs can be saved in a container and used in a variety of recipes.

*To prevent eggs from cracking while boiling (and being rejected by kids) let the eggs reach room temperature before boiling and add 1 teaspoon of salt to water to seal cracks if they do occur.

*To make dry bread moist and palatable again, wet a paper towel, wring out as much moisture as possible, then wrap bread in paper towel and let sit for a few minutes. The bread will absorb the moisture and become soft again.