10 Qualities of an Effective Manager

10 Qualities of an Effective Manager

When a company employs or promotes a manager these are qualities that the person should possess in order for him or her to perform effectively. If a manager has these traits and uses them well, the business will succeed and his or her employees will perform better and last longer on the job.

1. Know the job and the company well. If a manager is at the top of his or her field and knows his job well, the employees under him will respect him more.

2. Know how to delegate tasks to others. An overwhelmed manager that does not know how to divide up work tasks among his employees will not be happy; thus, he or she will not last in the company long.

3. Know how to respect his or her employees. Everyone’s time is valuable, if a manager can encourage the employees under him and help them feel that their role within the company is important, each employee will take pride in what he or she is doing. The manager should want his employees to respect him so they will learn to also trust him.

4. Know when to praise and when to reprimand. Complimenting employees on a job well done is critical and setting the boundaries of what lines should not be crossed or sharing the companies exact expectations of each employee is important.

5. Befriend but be professional. Get to know your workers but don’t let your fondness of an employee blur professional lines because those situations normally end negatively. An effective manager should also treat everyone with the same respect as he or she would like to be treated with as well.

6. Make your expectations clear. Know your employees job to some degree so that you can train her or her well, Clear instruction will prevent excuses later if the employees work is subpar. However, the manager should also be willing to listen when employees express the need to talk, the request to talk with each other should be scheduled within the work day.

7. Be flexible within reason. An uptight and rigid manager makes for an unhappy person to work for, but if the job that should be accomplished is getting done well, then flexibility should be allowed.

8. Be positive and confident. Speak with authority and lighten the atmosphere with positive reinforcement. You want your employees to look forward to coming to work.

9. Leave your personal problems at home. Work is not the appropriate place to vent about the mayhem in a person’s life.

10. Lastly, be ethical. Many employees watch their manager (like a hawk), and to be effective the manager should be setting a good example and also following the companies policies.

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