10 Popular R & B Wedding Songs

With June, the most popular month for weddings, just around the corner, many people are preparing to exchange wedding vows. One thing that couples have trouble deciding for their wedding is which songs would be most memorable. If you and your spouse-to-be both enjoy R & B music, then the following list may help you to choose from the 10 most popular wedding songs of all time.

1. Eric Benet – Spend My Life With You
This song is absolutely perfect for a weddings because it’s beautiful and meaningful, and the lyrics are all about being in love and making a commitment.

2. Luther Vandross – Here and Now
No couple, no matter what their age, can fail to play this romantic classic at their wedding. This song will never stop being a popular wedding song because it’s as if it was made for weddings. Not only does Luther Vandross’s voice sound amazing, but the lyrics have the power to evoke a massive amount of emotion in every single couple getting married, and even in those not getting married.

3. Stevie Wonder – Ribbon in the Sky
This song is another classic love song that will never stop being popular. Its beauty along with Stevie’s Wonder’s soulful voice makes it a very appropriate song to be played at a wedding.

4. Surface – Shower Me With Your Love
What couple wouldn’t love to make this song “their” song and dance to it at their wedding? It’s romantic, expressive and memorable. Just a wonderful and perfect wedding song.

5. Baby Face – Every Time I Close My Eyes
There aren’t many R & B music lovers who don’t like Baby Face. His music is slow, romantic and perfect for weddings, especially this song, which I absolutely love.

6. Brian McKnight – Back At One
I don’t think there’s one Brian McKnight song that I don’t like, and this one is no exception. All his songs are romantic, touching and lovely, just like this one that is quite often played at weddings.

7. Jodeci – Forever My Lady
No woman can have this song played at her wedding and not feel special, like she’s really going to forever be her new husband’s lady. Need I say more?

8. Boys II Men – On Bended Knee
I have been a Boys II Men fan from the very beginning, and this song has always been one of my absolute favorites! It was played at my friend’s wedding, and I’m sure it’s played at many other weddings all the time.

9. Ruben Studdard – Together
The name of this song says it all. Two people getting married are planning to be together forever, which makes this song perfect for weddings. Besides, it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

10. Etta James – At Last
All I can say about this classic song is that it’s sweet, touching and extremely perfect to be played at a wedding – very moving!