10 Popular Items of the Past (Part II)

Do you remember the good old days? Do you remember all the great items or devices that were very popular during this time? I am talking about the items that we used everyday, had on us at all times, or just simply were a big part of your life? Well these days, most of those items are extinct or almost extinct, so I decided to take you down memory lane, and take a look at some of these popular items and what they were replaced with. Hope you enjoy.

10 Popular Items of the Past

VCR’s – There was nothing better than grabbing your favorite movie in your VCR, and be able to watch the flick, in the comfort of your own home. But those bulky VCR players and tapes have become a thing of the past. We now have DVD’s and Blu-rays, that have a much smaller sized player and discs, better picture quality, and more features and extras.

Floppy/Hard Computer Discs – Yes, the good old days when we thought things were great, being able to save our information from our computers on floppy or hard disks. It was great being able to take our saved information and be able to use it on almost any computer we wanted. But once again, advancement improves an already great product. Now we have USB card and such, which are much more smaller for portability, and have so much more memory for your storage needs.

Coffee Pots – Every coffee drinker loves a good old “Cup of Joe”, and there is nothing better than being able to get your java fix, at anytime right in the comfort of your own home. The only catch, was the slight hassle of filters and coffee grinds, before you can eventually get started on your pot of caffeine. Well no longer, things have gotten so much better in many ways, we now have the convenience of discs and cups (T Discs / K Cups). With these great coffee products, we now can make a variety of different types of coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, and almost any other hot drink you can think of, in a matter of minutes. It is every coffee drinkers dream come true.

Newspapers – This great from of news, advise, weather reports, gossip, classifieds, and sports scores, are not extinct as of yet, but they soon will be. Those days of stopping in at the store for your morning paper, or trips out your front door for your daily newspaper delivery, are becoming numbered. The internet is taking the industry completely over, and unfortunately newspapers, simply don’t have a chance. You can get the same information online as it almost happens, there is a much larger quantity of articles, you can search for headlines from all over the world (especially with local news pieces), and did I mention it’s free. How can you compete with that?

AOL Instant Messaging – AOL, one of the founders of online service providers, gave us so many things, and one of those things was the very popular instant messaging (IM’s). Being able to sit in front of your computer, and talk to almost anyone that was online, privately and in real time. But just like anything else that we have in our lives, things get better and better over time. Now we no longer IM, we tweet and post updates on the popular websites, Twitter and Facebook. Plus it even gets better, we can post pictures, join pages, follow people and celebrities, and get all our all the most updated info on your friends in a blink of an eye.

Typewriters – This almost extinct item, helped many people, put their words or information in a very presentable form (since most of us have horrible hand writing). Remember having to type an essay or a term paper, getting those loud clicks on every key stroke, and if you made a mistake, it would almost cause you a panic attack. Then along came the computer, which gave us so many more benefits and possibilities, and the typewriter got kicked to the curb. A time were troublesome mistakes, the ability to edit and save, and being able to print multiple copies without having to type everything several times, was upon us.

Pay Phones – Remember when you were out and about and you had to make a phone call? All you had to do is pay a visit to one of these bacteria infected boxes, and you were all set. That is as long as you had your change with you. I live in the city, and I remember there was one on almost ever corner. Now with everyone using cell phones, pay phones are harder to find than someone that owes you some money.

Maps – There wasn’t a road trip that didn’t include one a faithful map. Remember getting in your car and starting your trip, while the passenger would hold that extra large piece of paper, trying to figure what the hell he/she is reading. You were lucky that it didn’t take you a lifetime to get there, that’s if you got there. But that is definitely a problem of the past, since navigation and GPS units have taken over, and made our lives so much easier. All you have to do is get in you vehicle, type in your destination, and you’ll get step by step instructions on how to. Plus you will also make a new friend, since mlost units will actually give you the directions by talking to you.

Video Stores – Going to your favorite video (Blockbuster / Hollywood Video) store for you weekend “Movie Nights”, or that new release you have dying to see, are now a thing of the past. With companies like Netflix, the infamous “Red Box” and upgrades to cable and satellite service providers movie rentals, people have no need to go to them anymore. You can watch them through certain devices by streaming them, have them delivered to your house, or pick them up while your doing your grocery shopping, so its eliminating your need to visit one of your favorite old locations. It’s all about convenience to most of us.

Personal Organizers – Those great ways of keeping track of your appointments, and basically almost every part of your life, are a thing of the past. You know exactly what I am talking about, those bulky books, or those electronic organizers that did simply nothing else. We now can do all this, as well as many of the other benefits that we use with our new device for, our best friend the cell phone.

So the next time your using your favorite item or device, just remember that in a blink of an eye, it can be one of the items on this list. If you have any other great items that you can think of that were very popular that have been replaced by something new, feel free to add it in the comments. I would love to hear about some other favorites you remember.

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