10 Popular Items of the Past (Part I)

Do you remember the good old days? Do you remember all the great items or devices that were very popular during this time? I am talking about the items that we used everyday, had on us at all times, or just simply were a big part of your life? Well these days, most of those items are extinct or almost extinct, so I decided to take you down memory lane, and take a look at some of these popular items and what they were replaced with. Hope you enjoy.

10 Popular Items of the Past

Walkman – This one was a must have for everyone, especially teens. It was an accessory everyone had on the at all times and it didn’t seem like it could ever get better than walking around listening to your favorite tunes. But it did, now we have Ipod’s/MP3 players, and cell phones with music capabilities. So it was goodbye, walkman.

Cassette Tapes – This one pretty much goes hand and hand with what happened to the walkman, because with the new technology you simply download your tunes, instead of having to record them on a 60, 90, or 120 minute tape. So if you wanted to carry a random collection of you favorite tunes, you had to carry around that little cassette tape tote bag, were now these new devices can store thousands and thousands of songs.

Board Games – Although board games haven’t become completely extinct, the just simply aren’t nearly as popular as they used to be. I still remember all the great times we had, meeting with our friends, and playing a game of Monopoly, Chutes and Ladder, Trivia Pursuit, and so on. Now it has developed to Xbox’s, PS3’s, and online games. I am not saying they are a bad thing, but we have to try to keep this one alive, and play a board game or too occasionally. It is a much better personal and bounding experience that talking or playing with someone through a TV or computer monitor.

35mm & Polaroid Instant Cameras – A celebration, event, or any other special moment wouldn’t have been the same without this one, your faithful memory keeper. It was a great thing to have, but it had its downsides as well, the costly film, and the process of getting them developed. Well these are no longer an issue these days, since digital cameras and cell phones with great digital cameras as a feature. Not only do you now get much better quality pictures with the devices, you can view them at any time, and even print them out yourself. If your really creative, you can even get a photo program for your computer, and add some special effects or create or own movies.

Beepers/Pagers – Wow, remember this one. It was like everyone had one attached to their hip, and when it started beeping, it was like you were the most important person in the world. It didn’t see like it could get any better, than being able to be reached at all times, but it did with the invention of the cell phone. With the cell phone, there was no need to reach in you pocket for change, and run to a pay phone.

Home Phones I don’t know anyone with a home phone anymore, and if there are some people with them, there are very few. The invention of and the lower plans for cells phones, pretty much makes it useless. First of all, why pay two bills, when you can one and even be able to carry your phone with you at all times. On top of the fact, it eliminated those personal phone books that you had to rummage through to find a number, since you can store them all right inside your potable device.

Notes / Phone Conversations –
The sentimental note or random phone conversations have pretty much become a thing of the past, as we were introduced to, email and text messaging. Now it the time of the lol, imao, lmao, and any other abbreviations you can think of. I really wonder if anyone can even spell now a days.

Dial-Up Internet Service – Remember the days when you used your phone line to connect to the internet? The long download times, frustrating disconnections, and nit being able to use your phone at the same time. Well, that’s a thing of the past with all the new high-speed internet connections available, and it definitely won’t be something we will miss.

Tube Televisions – This is definitely one that we won’t miss, that old heavy, bulky television, that basically took up almost all your space (especially if you had a lager size one). But technology made our lives better again, when they invented the plasma and LCD flat screens. Not only were they much lighter and smaller, the quality of picture got much better. Plus with it’s very light weight and picture frame style, you can put them any where in your house, so you can watch your favorite shows anywhere.

Chivalry – This isn’t an item or device, but it is one thing that I miss the most. Remember the good old days when a man open the door for you, or walked you to your door at the end of a date? What happened to it all? I know there are still some men out there that still practice this, but it is a hard thing to find. Not only are you being a gentleman, you make us women feel wanted and appreciated, and this is always a good thing for you men (there are so many ways that we can show you our appreciation or affection, but that is a whole different discussion). So the next time your with that special someone, show them how much you care, and open a door or pull out their chair.

So the next time your using your favorite item or device, just remember that in a blink of an eye, it can be one of the items on this list. If you have any other great items that you can think of that were very popular that have been replaced by something new, feel free to add it in the comments. I would love to hear about some other favorites you remember.

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