10 Must See Movies This Summer

With all the huge blockbuster films coming out this summer, it may be a little difficult to decide which movies are worth the extra $10 you refuse to buy gas with. Have no fear, for I (a thrifty college student who happens to work at a theater) will share my knowledge of this summer’s top ten titles. Let the transforming-super human-kung fu-wizardry battle begin!

Starting at #10…Cars 2: Pixar delivers a follow up to the original hit movie “Cars.” Cars 2 stars the voice of Owen Wilson, Larry The Cable Guy, and many more. As Lightning McQueen readies up for a World Tournament, his pal Mater gets caught up on a top secret spy mission.

Next on the list at #9Green Lantern: This movie looks amazing. So why number 9? That’s how good this summer is going to treat all of us. Ryan Reynolds stars as a superhero chosen by a ring that has super powers. The ring makes anything the wearer can imagine. How cool is that!!!?

Coming in at #8… Super 8: (No Pun Intended) A movie that we know little about. But that’s the point! This movie has come out with trailers that makes me willing to pay an addition $3 3D upgrade even if it’s not in 3D! Imagine a Cloverfield-esque movie–minus the 1st person vomit inducing view.

At “Lucky Number 7″… Captain America: Ranking above Green Lantern and the 2nd super-hero movie on the list, the action packed movie who’s main character has a heart that is bigger than his body is about a military project to make the perfect soldier. Another soon to be Marvel Classic.

(Now don’t hate me for placing this next movie as low as I am)
#6… The Hangover Part 2: The original Hangover was hilarious, but this one beats it by FAR. Believe me when I say I was more than surprised to see it go beyond what I thought would be enough to surpass the original.

At #5… Thor: Another super-hero movie, BUT an excellent movie! Already one of my favorite movies of all-time. I may be a little biased because of my unconditional love I have for Natalie Portman (soo beautiful). This movie gave me laughs, caught me on my toes, and delivered a nice, but not too girly love story. Definitely go see it if you haven’t had the chance already.

Ironically, the fourth movie in the series is next
At #4… Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger Tides: Johnny Depp is the star in the next Blockbuster film. Although missing 2 of the stars from the first 3 movies, this movie has been very much anticipated. Jack Sparrow never ceases to amaze me with his misfortune/luck and wit.

At the third spot on the countdown #3… X-Men: First Class: This X-Men movie begins at the origin of Professor Xavier’s and Magneto’s relationship when they were friends and experimenting with their new found powers.

Runner up on the list at #2… Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Lead actor Shia LaBeouf promisses that this edition returns to it’s roots found in the 1st Transformers movie. Also, Megan Fox’s replacement will make for an interesting turn of events in the love story that is entwined in the action filled summer flick.

So which movie is missing from this list?
Yep, you guessed it. Topping off the list at #1… Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2: The conclusion to the huge Harry Potter series comes out this summer and it will be the best out of the bunch. With all the anticipation in HP fans, I wouldn’t be surprised if it “magically” makes it to the top of this year’s highest earning movie list. If it can manage to beat the last Twilight movie…but that’s a different article.

I hope I didn’t disappoint too many of you readers with my opinion. Enjoy these awesome movies and I will see you next summer.