10 Must Have Apps for Moms from the Android Market

Are you are looking for the best cooking app, need something to keep your little one entertained, or simply want to have a little fun with your phone? I have compiled a list of the top ten apps that moms will enjoy.

1) Webroot Mobile Security-Basic

Cost: Free

This app protects your phone from malicious apps, phishing, and malicious websites and it stops unwanted spam. This app locates your phone using a jarring scream sound to let you know where your phone is. I do not recommend using this feature while the kids are napping; I made this mistake and woke up my toddler when she was not ready to wake up.

2) Big Oven

Cost: Free

This is the most comprehensive cooking app on the Android market. It has well over 170,000 recipes that you may choose. Best feature is that they have several great barbeque recipes for that night when the cooking falls on dad.

3) Kid Mode: Play and Learn (Formerly known as, Zoodles.)

Cost-Free (for a limited version)

This app is so popular it has won awards; awards that Kid Mode fully deserves. This is the most used app in my house. Keep your child entertained with this app that is full of exciting, educational games and videos. Create a profile for your child. Their age will be the guide to what videos and games are uploaded to their account.

4) My Days

Cost: Free

My Days, created specifically for women. With this app, you can track your period, find out when you are ovulating and know when you are fertile. It comes with a calendar and a section where you can enter personal information, like when you take “the pill”.

5) Facebook for Android

I really enjoy getting to update my Facebook account from anywhere and everywhere. Another plus is that you can enjoy reading others statuses while taking care of the kids. This app is wonderful when you need a break.

6) The Coupons

Cost: Free to $9.99/yr.

Back in the day, you would search through a pile of store ads to find the best deals and coupons. This app has changed coupon clipping it brings the coupons and deals to your phone and even tells you where the cheapest gas is.

7) Endomondo

Cost: Free/$4.06 premium

This app is a great personal trainer for runners, cyclists, and moms who enjoy their power walks. It track your time, distance, and speed. It even counts your calorie loss!

8) Easy Kid Timer

Cost: $1.00

Easy Kid Timer is a great app for any parent of a young child. It is a timer that kids that shows kids how the time actually decreases. It is great when used for teeth brushing or time outs.

8) Beauty Tips

Cost: Free

Make your day more efficient with this app. Taking care of kids’ leaves moms with little time for themselves. This app provides moms with tips from dieticians and beauty experts.

9) Grocery IQ

Cost: Free

Noted as one of the best I-phone and Android apps, this app features barcode scanning, grocery lists, product details and much more. This is very convenient for on the go moms.

10) Listen

Cost: Free

This app allows you to listen to pod cast any time. Pop some headphones on and go for a walk with your little ones while you listen to your favorite newscast, speaker, or pastor.