10 Most Attractive Dancing with the Stars Contestants of All Time: The Man Edition

“Dancing with the Stars” is known for its attractive contestants, but who’s the best of the best when it comes to looks? Here’s a rundown of the top ten most attractive male contestants throughout the show’s long-run, which series you don’t even have to watch in order to appreciate a list like this.

10. Donny Osmond

The former teen idol may have aged since his version of “Puppy Love” debuted, but Donny will always be a heartthrob to millions of women around the world. Seeing him dance just reinforced how much we love with him.

9. Apolo Anton Ohno

The talented short track speed skater is used to winning, which he proved he could do on and off the dance floor while never losing his charm. Do you think the hottie gets sick of the joke “Ohno? Oh, yes!”–or is that just par for the course when the other boys are jealous?

8. Mario Lopez

Season 3 brought us back the “Saved by the Bell” cutie with dimples, lighting up our televisions and hearts. Lucky for us, we can still catch Mario Lopez on a variety of shows.

7. Ralph Macchio

The “Karate Kid” that could, Ralph Macchio and his presence on the hit dancing show remind us why we loved the ’80s. Some things will never change: Ralph will always have his school boy good looks.

6. Cody Linley

The Disney Channel star brought the cougar out of us, making us wonder how bad it is to scope out someone who plays a teen on screen and happens to be one in real-life as well. Thankfully, at this point, he’s already celebrated turning 21.

5. Mario Barrett

Mario Barrett, the singer and actor–and model and philanthropist, is an all-around entertainer. Combine that with his uber-good looks and we have a keeper!

4. Cristian de la Fuente

The fact that Cristian de la Fuente doesn’t let injury get in his way only adds to the Chilean actor’s hotness–like a cherry on top of an already delicious hot fudge sundae.

3. Jason Taylor

Proving that football players can have finesse too, Jason Taylor won our hearts dancing the nights away during Season 6. Bold and beautiful, we’d take an all-star dancing show featuring Jason any day.

2. Jake Pavelka

The pilot-turned-reality-tv-star wooed us on the “The Bachelorette,” confused us by proposing to Vienna on “The Bachelor,” and pleasantly surprised us on “Dancing with the Stars.” But, honestly, his stunning smile alone would’ve captivated us with or without any dancing moves added to the mix.

1. Gilles Marini

He may not have gotten the winner’s mirror ball trophy in the end, but Gilles dominated his season, aesthetically speaking at the very least. The attractive French actor epitomizes why reality tv shows like “Dancing with the Stars” work: who doesn’t want to tune in to see someone like him week after week?

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