10 iPad Apps that Are Perfect for “Super-Moms”

The mother is oftentimes the superhero of the family – taking care of the cooking, cleaning, being there to care for the family, and taking care of all the “boo boos” – but to take your mother from a “Super Mom” to a “Super Duper Mom” introduce her to these 10 iPad apps.

BigOven– Free

BigOven is one of the most popular recipe/cooking apps on the iPad and with 170,000+ recipes, BigOven is the perfect app for a mother that loves to spend time in the kitchen and cooking new meals.

FaceTime – Free

The iPad 2 provides a great way for mothers all over the world to connect with their entire family; with FaceTime. FaceTime is a free video chatting service and can be used to communicate with family regardless of where they’re at.

Flipboard – Free

Flipboard is a revolutionary iPad app that showcases what magazines will look like in the future and can be customized to fit the needs of anyone. Flipboard will allow your mother to stay connected on social networks and news sites and will keep your mother reading for hours.

Women’s Health Magazine – Free

Staying healthy is important and Women’s Health Magazine will help to keep “mommy dearest” at tip top shape while providing interesting articles that will peak her interest.

Todo– $4.99

Mom always seems to have something “to do”, but keeping up with the family and personal tasks can be a bit troubling. Todo is the perfect, low cost, solution for mothers that are looking to keep track of their daily tasks without causing lots of headaches.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret – Free

There are lots of fitness and health apps on the iPad, but Calorie Counter by FatSecret is a free health app for the iPad that can rival its most expensive competitor. Calorie Counter gives the calories and nutritional facts of foods in popular food stores, keeps up with daily calorie goals, and even packs a diary.

Epicurious – Free

Much like BigOven, Epicurious is a recipe/cooking app, but in my opinion, both apps are must haves. Epicurious provides beautiful illustrations, grocery lists, detailed instructions, and a very friendly community of others that love cooking.

Friendly Plus for Facebook – $0.99

Just about everyone has a Facebook profile – and that includes mom as well. If your mother is a fan of social networking via Facebook, she’ll love Friendly Plus for Facebook because it’s the best way to view Facebook on the iPad.

Grocery IQ – Free

We’ve all been out at the grocery store and either forgot something that we were supposed to pick up or remembered something that we should have bought at the grocery store once we’ve returned home. Grocery IQ will replace hand scribbled grocery list notes and will be your mother’s best friend at the grocery store.

Dropbox– Free

Keeping track of all your files and documents can be a hassle when using lots of different computers and mobile devices, but Dropbox keeps everything simple and in synch by synching all documents and giving your mother access to her files wherever she is.