10 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Right now it seems the competition for available jobs is fiercer than ever. When you a job which fits you experience and skills you want to do your best during the interview. It is normal to be nervous when being interviewed and sometimes mistakes can be made which may cost you the job. Here are some helpful hints on mistakes to avoid while you are on the important job interview.

1. Never arrive late – This is not the way to show a potential employer you are dependable and responsible.

2. Do not forget your resume and references – Although you may have already submitted a resume be sure to have one on hand and ready. Be prepared.

3. Do not dress wrong – Look professional. Where a nice business suit or something conservative, being sure it is all clean, neat, and ironed. Be sure to make sure you are well groomed and avoid over doing the perfume or cologne. Avoid jewelry; a couple subtle pieces are enough.

4. Do not talk too much – You want to seem personable, friendly, and professional but do not want to overdo the talking. Rambling can suggest you are not focused or cannot deal well under pressure. Never interrupt the interviewer; this will not help you win the job offer.

5. Do not stumble over answers – Be sure to answer the questions without stumbling. Be prepared with direct answers to common interview questions. Being prepared and ready will show the interviewer you can succeed under pressure and are confident in yourself.

6. Do not forget to point out your strengths – You know best what your strengths are and how you can be a benefit to the company. Show your confidence in your strengths and how they will help you in the job but be sure not to be too over confident.

7. Do not lie – Always be honest.

8. Do not avoid eye contact – Making eye contact show the interviewer many things about you. It shows confidence, interest in the job, professionalism, and shows you are taking what they have to say seriously.

9. Not asking questions – Asking a few questions will show you are interested in the job you are interviewing for. Avoid bringing up questions regarding salary and benefits unless the interviewer does. It is important to ask what the next step is at the conclusion of the interview.

10. Do not forget to thank the interviewer – At the conclusion of the interview be sure to thank them for their time and mention you look forward to hearing from them. Be confident in the job you did during the interview!

Following a few tips and hints can help make your interview be a successful one. Practicing for your interview is a great way to ensure you are ready and avoid these common mistakes.