10 Green Experts You Should Get to Know on Twitter

There are increasingly more companies adopting corporate social responsibility guidelines and becoming good citizens. There are also green living experts on Twitter that have been “banging the drum” of sustainability for years. From tips on saving energy to a “how-to” video on “greening” your wardrobe, these experts help you reduce, reuse and recycle in 140 characters or less. Living green is not as easy as it seems and having others who have forged ahead so you can learn from their trials and triumphs is priceless.

Here are a few individuals who can help you through the maze of sustainable living:

Tom Szaky started @Terracycle while a freshman at Princeton University. He notes, “that there is no ‘waste’ in nature”.

Deborah Merriam founded @ecoDomestica with the goal of helping clients create beautiful, healthy homes. She is a generous re-tweeter and is au currant with the latest eco tips.

Jerry James Stone @jerryjamesstone is a wine blogger for Discovery Channel’s @TreeHugger and a frequent contributor to Make magazine. His tweets are very quirky and green.

Ecorazzi @ecorazzi is the brainchild of @ michaeldestries and @ rebeccacarter . Their tweets advance the latest celebrity vegan conversion or who is touting ethical practices. They also point out hypocrisies of celebrities who don’t “practice what they preach”.

Lorna Li @lornali built Green Marketing TV to focus on social entrepreneurship, indigenous cultural preservation, and environmental sustainability. Her passion is for helping other green businesses succeed.

Vanessa Procter’s tweets @EcoStripDown are very practical ways to recycle. She is a passionate advocate for planet earth.

Laura Klein @OrganicAuthority is the senior editor for Organic Authority. Her mission is to “upgrade” the image of going green. She is an organic “foodie” with a passion for environmental quality.

Paul Smith @GreenSmith is a sustainable “green” business consultant. He also passes along great tweets concerning Clean Air Act and numbers to call your local representatives in Washington.

Starre Vartan @Ecochickie penned The Eco Chick Guide to Life and has sustainable tweets about fashion and the state of the industry.

Molly Block @Unconsumption tweets about new uses for “old” things. Sharing ideas about how to reuse and recycle helps reinforce good habits. Some of the up-cycling advice is quirky and oddly satisfying.

But wait, here is a lagniappe (or a little extra).

Livia Firth @liviafirth has an elegant, earth-conscious shop in London, Eco Age. She keeps a running narrative on her “green carpet” challenge for wearing repurposed or second-hand dresses to awards shows. She is married to Colin Firth, so she has plenty of opportunities to promote an eco-designer’s clothing or her own refashioning of couture dresses.

Add a few of these experts to your twitter feed and you will be getting pragmatic, everyday tips on how to green your lifestyle!

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