10 Green Business Ideas

OK, so you have finally decided to get into this green economy ‘” here are some ideas that are happening in Canada and the United States ‘” and guess what, lots of people are making big money already.

1) Solar Power Systems Installation

Who says Canada does not have sunshine? Look at Ontario, look at Alberta, there are plenty of sunshine in North America. This makes solar power system a viable option for many households, plus the government rebates in place like Ontario. This is the best way to reduce your electricity bill, and this is also a perfect career to start relating to the green industry.

2) Wind Power Systems Installation

As an extension, wind power systems are also becoming very popular. Large parts of the east coast, central & east provinces of Canada have perfect windy conditions. Take Chicago and Toronto as great examples; why wasting all the winds that are blowing everyday, you can convert them into electricity. This is another growing industry where households will install a small wind power system to provide electricity; especially during the spring & summer times.

2) Weatherize Homes and Businesses

You Can Make $1000 a week providing a very helpful and necessary service by weatherizing people’s homes. Again, rebates and other incentives provided by the Canadian and certain US States governments have also made this business very interesting. The most popular ways are to improve your windows, change them to more energy efficient windows or improve your roof insulation. This is a very popular business, and you will see lots of commercials every week, and it is a highly profitable business as well.

3) Broker carbon credits and help individuals/companies reduce their carbon footprint

This is the fastest-growing financial specialties market in the world according to the New York Times. I also have a friend who specializes in trading renewable energy certificates issued by different government agencies. Well, most people have no idea what to do with all these RECs, so this is also a good service.

4) Install geothermal heat pumps

Geothermal heating and cooling technology provides exceptional performance. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agrees that a geothermal heat pump is the most energy-efficient, clean, and cost-effective space conditioning available. This is a great business in areas in Canada and certain states in the US, but of course, not all the regions have geothermal availability.

5) Recondition batteries

Start a business reconditioning Ni-Cd and NiMh batteries, especially if you are familiar with cars, or if you have a garage already. These days, more and more consumers are environmental conscious, and this also applies to their vehicles.

7) Eco-Friendly house cleaning

Start a house cleaning service where you use eco-friendly cleaning products, and non-toxic housecleaning supplies; the advantage apart from eco-friendly products is also they are safer for children. A lot of children are allergy to toxic cleaning products, and this can cause health concerns.

9) Start a cell phone / PDA recycling business

This is a very popular business in Canada and also in the West Coast. Look at how many iPads and iPhones have been thrown out a day. You can make good money by reselling components to the phone manufacturers; as well as resell phones to consumers.

10) Paper Recycling Business

Some paper recyclers earn over $100,000 / year. Here’s an article that explains more about this business opportunity. These trucks drive around and pick up papers to the recylcling plants ‘” several companies are doing very well providing this service in the financial districts.

11) Water Free Car Wash

This is already a very common business across Canada and United States, you can see them around gas stations. An extension of this service is Personalized Cash Wash, which is also based on water-free technologies. They do this by providing car-wash at your house.

12) Green Consumer Products

There are 2 ways to sell green products ‘” either online or have a shop. You can produce your own brands or products; or you can run an online shop and sell other products. For example, we have clients who are selling environmental friendly baby products & sun protection products in Australia, they just sell them online, and ship them directly from Canada and Florida.