10 Great Ways to Spend Your Summer Days with Your Kids

The summer months are a great time to spend with family. For children the days feel long and they become bored. There are many ways to defeat the boredom of summer and create memories that will last many seasons to come.

Baseball is a great way to spend the early part of summer. You can find out about your local teams by asking at your child’s school or asking the parents of children that go to school with your child. This is a great activity because not only is it a lot of fun, it also allows your child to get some exercise while building friendships and learning to use teamwork. It can be great for parents as well. You get a chance to introduce yourself to the parents of your child’s peers. Be prepared to volunteer lots of your time to practices and games, this activity can be a lot less fun if parents aren’t involved.

Swimming is another activity that allows for a bit of exercise. Not only that but it will give you and your children a break from the heat. Remember that if you are going swimming in an outdoor location to bring sun block! There are lots of place to go if you don’t have a pool at home, such as the beach, a lake, or a public pool.

I love walking by a playground in the summer and listening to the children as they play.

Taking your children to the park to play will give you a few minutes to relax and do nothing as they play. Try taking a picnic lunch with you, after the kids burn off lots of energy serve up some sandwiches and cold drinks.

A well planned camping trip can offer two or more days of fun with your family. Remember that camping can sometimes feel boring for older children, allow them to bring their handheld systems but set reasonable limits to amount of time they play it. You will find that this is very helpful while you are cooking or doing some other occupying task. Play with your child, take a walk in the woods, visit a waterfall, tell campfire stories, or tell family stories. There are so many great campsites across the U.S. that are family oriented. If you live in a safe neighborhood and don’t have the time to organize or go on a camping trip it’s always fun for older children to allow them to camp in the backyard.

Visit your local library and get yourself and your child involved in some of the group meetings. Lots of libraries host reading nights for different age groups. This will also give your child the opportunity to decide to borrow some library books to fill some of those late summer nights.

Riding bicycles is an activity that most children love. If you get involved it can be even more fun. Take younger children to a local park to ride, bring your bike and ride along with them. If you have older children try taking them with you on a beginner level bicycle trail. You may find that this is a great way to connect with your teenager.

Day camps are a great way for grade school age children to spend a week or two of their summer days. There are usually many day camps offered during the summer months. Before school ends ask around to see if anyone has any leads to good day camps. After you have gathered enough information about the day camps let your child help you decide which one is right for them. I prefer day camps for younger children over sleepover camps because it gives a chance to spend time with them in the afternoon. Young children often get homesick during sleepover camps.

A yard filled with lots of toys and activities offer many fun filled summer days and evenings. Children love to have things like sprinkler toys, slip and slides, badminton, a playhouse, and various balls for different types of sports. Keeping these types of things handy promotes outdoors play and co-operative play.

Water balloons are a huge hit when it comes to summer activities. Children can have loads of fun filling and bursting them alone or in groups. Try organizing a water balloon fight for your children and their friends. Make the rules up front and let them have a blast.

Playing with sidewalk chalk is one of the most fun ways to spend a summer evening. Most children will spend an hour or more writing and drawing all over your driveway or sidewalk. Allow them access to a hose or help them clear it when they want to start over. I personally love the 3-D chalk and glasses set.

There are many ways to spend your summer days. One of the best is with your kids. Try one or more of these summer activities and enjoy the memories forever.