10 Great Food Themed Nicknames

Are you looking for adorable food themed nicknames? Here are 10 great choices for you to consider. Nicknames add something special to any relationship and food themed nicknames for babies, children, lovers and best friends are very popular! You may be able to call someone by something that no one else calls them! By using some cute food themed nicknames, you can give special nicknames to your friends and family and show how much you love them.

As you think of food themed nicknames, take these top 10 choices under consideration:

Cookie is a really cute food themed nickname. It has a diminutive sound and is an appealing sounding nickname. Many people have a soft-spot for cookies, which makes this a great choice for a food themed nickname.

Cupcake is a sweet food themed nickname choice for your loved one. It shows you think your special person is just as adorably irresistible as a cupcake treat.

Honey is a nice, tender food themed nickname. You might also want to add to it and use Honeybuns or Honeycakes as a nickname. Another version of this is to use the person’s name and make it part of the nickname such as Susie-honey

Jellybean is cheerful little choice for a food themed nickname. This nickname picks up the sweet and colorful qualities of jellybeans and rolls it into an endearing nickname.

Muffin is a food-themed nickname suitable for best friends, lovers or babies. This one could also be shortened to Muffy if you prefer the cozy sound of a nickname ending with -y. Both choices make great nicknames.

Pumpkin gives you another food themed nickname choice but not as gooey-sweet. This nickname gives you a warm, cozy, sentimental feeling. If you would like to personalize it even more, you could add to it and make the nickname Pumpkin Pie. That is a sweet little nickname.

Peanut is a charming food themed nickname mostly for babies and children. Babies are so tiny and seem just like a little peanut. Call your special little one Peanut as a nickname and you will love it.

Pudding isa pleasant food themed nickname. Pudding is a comfort food which makes this a nice, loving nickname for your special person.

Sugar is an adorable, cozy, warm-feeling food themed nickname. To personalize it even more for your situation, you could add to it and make the nickname Sugar Pie or Sugar Baby.

Sweetpea is an undeniably soft and sweet food themed nickname. This delightful little nickname might be just the right fit for your loved one.

Hopefully some of these food themed nicknames will help you decide what nickname you want to use for your special loved one.