10 Great Apps for Moms

Being a mom is the busiest job of all. Whether or not you are a working mom, you must be very busy and trying hard to keep everything in your life organized. Today, smartphones are doing a great job in introducing hundreds of apps to mothers. These apps help moms to keep things organized, to keep herself alert and informed and keep her kids happy and busy when Mom needs it most. Here is a list of ten apps that moms will love to have on their smartphones. Most of these are available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones but some are exclusively for the iPhone. Check them out.

1) Life 360

Safety comes first. That is what brings this app to the top of the list. This is an amazing app that helps to keep track of your family members on a real time map and gives alerts about registered sex offenders who live around you. When you or your child is in need of help, forget about busy phone lines. You have to just contact Life 360 and their emergency messenger will send the message immediately to all family members. There are services like family identity protection and lost item recovery in the premium version. This app has won awards from both Facebook and Google. This is currently available for iPhone and android but they are developing for Blackberries too.

2) ABC note iphone/ Colornote Android

Busy that you are, it is often necessary to jot down quick thoughts, which you know would be lost the next moment when something else comes up. While shopping or driving, you remember a question you must ask your Doctor and you forget it the next moment when you remember you have to buy some eggs. This app is easy to use and lets you color code your quick notes if you feel like keeping them organized.

3) Calengooiphone/ android

Remembering all the doctor’s appointments, sports events, play dates, etc can be tough. Why not keep them organized on Calengoo! This is almost like the Google calendar and easily synchronizes with it on your PC or Mac. You don’t have to update all of them. You can color coordinate your appointments and get the reminder weekly, daily or monthly, as you wish. You can use it offline and anything you add will get synchronized when you are online. Alerts and reminders can be set.

4) Grocery gadget

There are many grocery list apps but this one is the best. It really helps you save your time and money. First, you have to create your grocery list. Then you update the quantity of things you need to buy. I love the barcode scanning feature. You just take a picture of the barcode of the item you want to add and it will automatically add to your list. You can add the price, quantity, etc. and color code the different prices at different stores and compare.


This is the best app for management of your finances. You can synchronize this app with any business you may owe money to, like credit cards, electric company, internet and phone providers, Amazon, Ebay, etc.It tracks your rewards and frequent flier miles and minutes used on your cell phone, text messages and data plan usage. It keeps all your financial data at your fingertips. It also gives you graphs and charts to help you manage your money better.

6) Women Log Calendar android/ iphone

A woman has to keep track of so many things that they sometime miss out on the obvious. Women Log helps you keep track of your monthly cycle. It helps you whether or not you are trying to conceive. It reminds you about the days you need to be ‘careful’ and the days when you need to keep some feminine products with you. If you are trying to conceive the Women Log lets you know when it’s the right time. You can track your BMT temperature etc. to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

7) Scribble iphone/ android

This is for the moms of toddlers although even older children will enjoy it. This is drawing on your phone with your fingers. You can use colors and when you are done you just shake the phone and it is erased. You can, however, save any picture you like. This is a great app to keep your children busy during a long car ride.

8) Expecting

This is an excellent app for expecting moms. It does not only give you your due date, but also essential tips about the month, week or trimester you are in. When the time comes, it has a contraction timer that helps you know when you need to go to the hospital. It also has a contacts database that you can use to store information about everyone you need to contact in case of emergency.

9) Babyphone

This application turns your phone into a baby monitor. You can put it next to your sleeping baby and set a number to call when she wakes up. This helps a busy mom when she needs to do some job while the baby sleeps. You can change the sensitivity setting to ensure how loud the baby should be to set off the alarm. When the baby awakes, the phone rings. Only a busy mom knows how apps like this can help!

10) iWrite Words

This app helps your kindergarten kid to practice writing skills. It has both uppercase and lowercase letters and also a few words. The app is very attractive to look at. The animations and colors appeal to the children’s eyes. When you finish a word the picture appears. It does the dual job of entertaining and teaching your child.