10 Funniest Hangover 2 Movie Quotes by Chow

Actor Ken Jeong plays the outrageously funny Mr. Chow in Hangover 2. The following are my picks for the ten funniest things said by him in the movie. (Warning: contains spoilers).

No. 10: “Yeah, we marry 15 years. What Chow not good looking enough for woman?” Ken Jeong said this quote after Bradley Cooper seemed surprised to hear that he was married.

No. 9: “Holla! City of squalla!” Ken Jeong said this funny quote about the city of Bangkok.

No. 8: “Uh, yeah, from a fucking tattoo guy.” This movie line was said by Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) after he was asked if he knew where Stu (Ed Helms) got his new tattoo from .

No. 7 (funniest Hangover 2 dialogue):

Phil: “What business is that?”
Mr. Chow: “It’s called not your business, ‘kay?”

No. 6: “Tell that gay monkey to leave my shit alone.” Ken Jeong says this funny Hangover 2 quote when he wakes up to find a monkey sucking on his nipple.

No. 5: “Oh look, you sunk my battle ship.” One of the funniest quotes said by Chow (Ken Jeong) during a part in Hangover 2 when he and Kingsley (Paul Giamatti) are both using laptops to make a business transaction.

No. 4: “I have such an erection right now!” Chow says this funny quote after the high speed car chase and crash in The Hangover 2.

No. 3: “You never do blow before? Sometimes your heart stops, start up again. Read a book!” Ken Jeong says this to Bradley Cooper after a situation earlier where Phil thought he was dead and gone.

No. 2 (funniest Hangover 2 dialogue):

Phil: “Sorry I was having a bad day.”
Mr. Chow: “Oh you were having a bad day. Did you die?”
Phil: “I got shot.”
Mr. Chow: “But did you die?!”

No. 1 (funniest Hangover 2 dialogue):

Samir: “It’s not the money. It’s the principal.”
Mr. Chow: “Principal?! N*gga, please, we both dead inside.”

Funniest quotes source: Hangover Part II movie written by Craig Mazin, Scot Armstrong, and Todd Phillips.