10 Fun Graduation Activities

Graduation is just around the corner. Before things get too busy, make sure you plan some fun activities to celebrate the occasion. Graduation is an important accomplishment, no matter how hold the graduate is. It’s time for parents, teachers, students, and friends to rejoice and have some fun. Here are 10 fun graduation activities you can plan and do.

T-shirt signing
Back when I was in 8th grade, we designed and bought class t-shirts. On the last day of school, we signed the t-shirts with permanent markers. The school even gave us time to visit our friends in other classrooms. This was a nice way to say goodbye. Nowadays they have non-toxic fabric markers you can use.

Yearbook signing
I still have my yearbooks from middle school and high school. It’s fun to read them now and relive those graduation memories. Yearbook signing is a very simple activity that any graduate can do. A yearbook is something you keep for a long time, so why not personalize it with messages from your friends?

Customized Cap & Gown
College graduation is a grand occasion. It’s a time to celebrate and to say thanks to those who supported you along the way. One way to do that is to decorate your graduation cap. When I graduated from Rutgers College, students used white tape to write messages on their caps. As you looked into the sea of graduates, you’d see many different messages (e.g. “Thanks Mom & Dad”). This is a small and inexpensive thing you can do that will send a big heartfelt message.

Graduation Quotes
Inspirational graduation quotes can be very useful during graduation time. Students can use these quotes in yearbooks and speeches. There are plenty of good choices for graduation quotes. You can find some in this article or on the Internet.

At my son’s elementary school, they celebrate 5th grade graduation with a slideshow assembly. Parents, siblings, students, and teachers come together for a public viewing of a picture slideshow. This activity will take some preparation. You need to collect pictures from all years (not just 5th grade), scan them to digital format, and create the slideshow. Don’t forget to include pictures of each graduate; you don’t want to leave anyone out. Music is very important, so select appropriate graduation songs for your slideshow. To create the slideshow, look at the free Windows Live Movie Maker software. This can do just about everything (transitions, music, titles, etc.). Wondershareis another good slideshow maker, but it’ll cost you $39.95.

Capture the memories
Don’t forget your camera and video camera. The best way to preserve these graduation moments is to capture them through photos and videos. Try to organize a creative group photo with the entire graduating class. With photos and videos you can relive the moments later, like they just happened.

Create a Facebook group
At our local high school, seniors create a Facebook group for the graduating class. This is a nice way to stay connected to fellow classmates as they go their separate ways.

Have a party
There’s no better reason to party than for graduation. The party can take on a number of forms: dance, social, pot-luck lunch/snacks, assembly, etc. A simple 1 hour party in school will really be appreciated by the students.

Class trip
A class trip is a great way to add one final, memorable moment to graduation. I still remember my end of the year trip to Washington, D.C. In high school, some of my classmates spent the summer in Europe. Another option is to organize a trip to a local amusement park. A class trip is not easy or inexpensive to organize. But if you can make it happen, it will be an exclamation point to the graduation festivities.

Get free publicity
Call your local television station and see if they would cover the senior class. Graduations are a huge event in the community. You’d be surprised how willing they would be to cover a graduation story. You can also try contacting the local newspapers to see if they would write a feature story on your graduating class. If you can come up with a creative story or angle, then the media will come.

Those are 10 ways to add some fun to your graduation festivities this year. If you have some ideas of your own, please send them to me. I’d love to hear them.

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