10 Fun Free Date Ideas for Married Couples

Dating your spouse doesn’t have to be expensive and the benefits for your marriage are great. To help learn what the benefits of going out on a date for married couples are and for 10 fun free date ideas for married couples, I have interviewed therapist Megan Linz LCSW.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
“I have my bachelor’s degree in communication and my master’s degree in social work. I’m a licensed clinical social worker, and I have a private practice in Boise, Idaho where I see teens and adults for therapy. I also work with businesses providing organizational development services. Both fields are about human dynamics; helping people to work well, live well, and have the lives they want!”

What are the benefits of going out on a date for married couples?
“The benefits for married couples are the same as the benefits for any couple. A date is an opportunity for you to connect, for you to spend time together with the focus on romance, intimacy and fun. It is a chance to show your sweetheart that they are special to you! This is really important for married couples because they sometimes forget about dating and find themselves distracted by work, by taking the kids places, by cleaning the house and making repairs. As couples, we never want to forget the romance! Really, the key to having a lasting marriage is to treat your partner as if you have only been dating for 3-4 weeks. That’s the time when people give a lot of thought to how they look, how they might make the other person interested in them, and how they can create a date that feels interesting and exciting so their partner feels loved and special. That is how we want each other to feel forever. Dating when we are married is a part of that!”

I know dating can be expensive so what are 10 fun free date ideas you can give to married couples?
“I will tell you a secret — a good date is not about money! Money can give you access to things to do, but this will not guarantee success! A great date is really about how we treat each other, how we see ourselves as a couple, and how we feel during the date and after! It is about taking the time to think about ways to make each other feel loved! Take the time to plan something special, think about the feeling, think about the details, and it will be a great date! Here are a few ideas to get you thinking —

1. Make a special meal for your date, but serve it someplace equally special — on the beach, on a hillside, at the park, in your backyard, on your rooftop (if it is flat!). Then dress up, light candles and play some good music!

2. Plan a night to check out the stars. Go to your local library and check out a book on where the stars are in the sky. Then make a thermos of hot chocolate, grab a blanket and a couple of pillows and head to a nice park or your own backyard. If you have them available, bring along a telescope or binoculars for a better view of the sky!

3. Set up a space in your house where you can have nice lighting, music and privacy and give your partner a massage. Massage oil or lotions that smell nice will make this even better!

4. Be a tourist in your area! There are different fun things to see depending on where you live, and a lot of them are free! Try historical sites, ghost towns, or maybe a formal rose garden. Once you start looking you will be surprised how many amazing things there are to see in your area!

5. Plan a day out in nature! Go for a hike, look for birds, or try collecting something! It can be fun rock-hounding, picking wild flowers, or taking photos together.

6. Plan a romantic evening near the water and go skinny dipping! Ahead of time, scout out a nice spot near a beach, a lake, a river, or if you are fortunate enough to have one nearby like we do in Boise, a natural hot springs! Then take a couple of towels and maybe a bottle of wine. You may want to bring a blanket to stretch out on or wrap up in when you are done in the water!

7. Share a fun outdoor hobby with each other! Go biking, walking, camping, fishing, snow shoeing, canoeing, or floating down a river in inner tubes!

8. Take a scenic drive together! Do it in the evening and choose a romantic view to park and enjoy! Or do it during the day to enjoy something special about the season such as the wildflowers blooming in the spring, the leaves turning colors in the fall, or the first snowfall on the mountains in the winter. Pretend you are teens again and kiss in the car!

9. Cook together! Whether you are experts or beginners, there are fun cookbooks at your local library! Choose a type of food you have never made, or a fun dessert to try and work together on it!

10. Check out local festivals together! These are often free and can include amazing displays, demonstrations, dancing and food! Try a culture different from your own and learn about the Scottish, Irish, Basque, Greek, Italian or Chinese people in your area!”

What are some additional ways that married couples can find out about other fun free date ideas?
“The internet is great of course! Not only can you search for date ideas in general, you can also look for tourist attractions, and event listings in your area! Also look in local publications and papers. Most areas have free papers and publications at grocery stores and other businesses. They are typically near the door. These often list events and things to do in your area. Check out your local library! They have loads of information on things to do and helpful information on how to do new things you may want to try! Of course keep an eye out for flyers in windows and bill boards on the side of the road. We often don’t notice, but there is a lot of advertising for events and fun things to do! Stop and write down the information. And don’t forget to ask your friends and family! They can have creative ideas. No matter what you plan, keep in mind that often just the effort you have made for your partner will make the date special! Remember to treat your sweetheart like you did when you had only been dating 3-4 weeks and you will do fine!”

Thank you Megan for doing the interview on 10 fun free date ideas for married couples. For more information on Megan Linz or her work you can check out her website on http://www.meganlinzcounseling.com.

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