10 Free Storybook IPhone/iPod Touch Apps for Toddlers

Free storybook apps are an interactive and a fun way to show your toddler how exciting the world of literature can be. These ten apps are all toddler approved for their entertainment value and mom approved for their ease of use.

1) I Like Colors
This free app is the full version of the book I Like Colors by Miranda Paul. The real life pictures are colorful and fun and will keep your toddler engaged in the story. This app has a word highlighting option, where your child can touch a word and have it read to him or her.

2) Miss Spider’s Tea Party for the iPhone Lite
It’s hard to believe this app is free! Your child can watch an animated narrated version of the storybook, or enjoy the read it myself option which has interactive illustrations. The app also includes three activities, including a memory style game, three puzzles, and a coloring activity. The app name says iPhone, but it works just fine on my 3rd Generation iPod Touch.

3) Three Little Pigs StoryChimes
This app tells the traditional story of the three little pigs and the wolf who blew their houses down. The free version shows a small banner ad at the top of the picture, and an ad-free version is available for 99 cents.

4) CinderellaA Princess Story Lite This princess app includes the full version of the story, read aloud by a soothing narrator. The illustrations are rich and the transitions between pages are smooth.

5) The Ugly Duckling StoryChimes
This app tells Hans Christian Andersen’s story of The Ugly Duckling. The story teaches a valuable moral lesson about how physical appearances are not everything. Like The Three Little Pigs StoryChimes, this free app has a small banner ad at the top of each page. The ad-free version is available on iTunes for 99 cents.

6) Grover’s Farm
The free version of this app tells the story of Elmo’s first day visiting Grover’s farm. The narrator in the read to me option is very enthusiastic and engaging. If your child is a Sesame Street fan, this free storybook app is worth downloading.

7) I Like School
This fun story features real life pictures and describes the exciting experiences encountered in a typical school day. If you have an iPhone, this app also has an option for you to record yourself reading the story, so that your toddler can enjoy listening to your voice.

8) Just Me and My Mom Lite
Just Me and My Mom is a well loved Little Critter story. This app has the same illustrations as the book, and includes background sounds such as a train whistle. Your toddler can tap anything in the illustration, such as a tree, and the word will pop up and be read out loud.

9) Dr. Seuss’ ABC Lite and The Cat in the Hat Lite
If your child loves Dr. Seuss, many of his books are available as apps on iTunes. The Lite versions of these beloved books only include the first ten pages of the story. These apps are great for toddlers because a quick swipe to the right will let your child advance to the next page with ease.

10) The Story Mouse
The free version of this app includes one story book. If you choose, additional books can be purchased within the app for under $2. The story included in the version I downloaded was the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The illustrations were simple and cute and the narrator is engaging.

All of these apps allow you and your child to choose between reading the stories yourselves or listening to a narrator. They also include an autopsy option, which is handy for younger toddlers who may not turn the pages themselves. Happy reading!