10 Free Android Apps You Must Have

From gaming to socializing, apps are very quickly becoming a part of everybody’s life. Android smartphones come with standard applications, but there are other Android apps you should have. Here are some from every different category of apps.

Tip calculator

Most devices do not automatically come with a tip calculator. It is very useful to have, especially if you and your friends go out to eat a lot.

Flash light

Most android phones come with an LED bulb on the back. Flash light apps lets you take control of that light in three different lighting settings.


Foursquare is a local social app that allows you to record places you have been and share it with all your friends. It is a great way to let people know what you have been up to locally and of new places they might be interested in.


A lot of people today blog. Whether you blog professionally or for a hobby, a wordpress app will allow you to blog with your android phone. For professional bloggers, this may not be something you are interested in, but you can write down current thoughts, save them as a draft and expand on them more when you return home.

App manager

An app that manages apps can be helpful. An app manager allows you to see what apps are running and turn them off. You can usually clear content data and save your battery life by killing apps that you do not need to have running.


Just in case your mobile device did not come with a Facebook app, you will want to download one. It is also important to note that sometimes you will need to download an additional app for Facebook chat.

Zedge ring tones and wallpaper

It is important to have a good ring tone app. Zedge lets you browse millions of different ring tones and wallpapers.

Angry birds

Angry birds is an addicting game in which you have to destroy the evil green pigs’ fortress. The goal of each level is to knock down the fortress and destroy all the evil green pigs in the level.

GameBoid lite (GBA emulator)

You can use your smartphone as a gameboy advance. There are thousands of games to choose from with the GameBoid app. It is a great app to use to pass time and play some of your favorite games. But you have to buy the full version to save current games. It is really hard to play an RPG like “Final Fantasy” in one sitting.


Sudoku is one of the most popular kinds of puzzles to play. It became popular a few years ago. With the invention of apps, sudoku has become more accessible to play on your free time.

These are some must have apps for Android phones. Chances are, you will mostly keep yourself busy checking your Facebook every five minutes, but these are some apps that should be in your library as well.