10 Films for Your Summer Season!

Summer is a time to hang out at the beach, park, or to take a vacation. So here are my picks.

1. Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

This Universal Studio film makes us think twice about going in a boat on the Amazon River. This classic takes us to the jungle and we get to meet the creature for the first time.

2. Gidget (1959)

The beach is the scene and so are the surfers. Gidget is about a cool chick and how she spends her summer with surfers and learning all about love. Sandra Dee plays Gidget.

3. Piranha (2010 3D or the original (1975) )

This film has it all, summer setting, people partying, and piranha’s that want to eat your flesh. It makes you want to think twice about going swimming.

4. The Blob (1958)

One good way to spend your summer is watching this cult classic. One of Steve McQueen’s first roles and it’s about teenagers who just want to hang out but that doesn’t happen when the blob comes and they warn the towns people who think its a prank.

5. Dr. Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine

It’s a cheesy 1960s flick starring Vincent Price. A mad scientist (Price) invents bikini robots who lead men on to get their fortunes.

6. Summer Rental (1985)

John Candy’s first leading role, he’s an over stressed air traffic controller who decides to take a day off and bring his family to the beach. Well this is a Candy film and you know things go bad to worse with funny results.

7. Summer Hours (2008)

A French drama about two brothers and a sister witness the disappearance of their childhood memories when they must relinquish the family belongings to ensure their deceased mother’s succession. So spend the day inside to watch this foreign drama.

8. The Burning (1981)

There are plenty of slasher films other than Friday the13th that took place in a summer camp . Anyways this is about a former summer camp caretaker, who was horribly burned from a prank that went wrong and now he lurks around a New York summer camp and he’s going to kill the teenagers responsible for his disfigurement.

9. Madman (1982)

Since we just talked about slashers other than Friday the13th, I’ll add this one too. So these preteens call on the name of a murderer and he rises from the dead which isn’t good for the counselors. Not a great film to watch with your family unless they love horror/slasher films.

10. Jaws (1975)

I can’t leave out the ultimate film of the summer. This one makes us think twice about swimming at the beach. With an all star cast Jaws is a true classic and can be enjoyed by generations to come.

So those are your ten films that are for the summer season.

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