10 Cooking and Recipe iPhone Apps that Any Mother Would Love

There are lots of cooking and recipe apps for the iPhone in the iTunes App store, but if you’re a mom who loves to throw down in the kitchen, these are the 10 cooking apps you must own.

Grocery Gadget — $3.99

If you’re tired of hand scribbling grocery lists before you visit the local grocery store, Grocery Gadget for the iPhone is the app for you. Grocery Gadget lets you easily organize grocery items, allows you to scan barcodes of food products, synch your list with other iOS devices and more.

Serving Sizer Pro — $0.99

Moms are usually cooking big meals and when the number of hungry mouths varies, it’s sometimes hard to adjust the food recipe to accommodate the group. Serving Sizer Pro helps to aid when this problem arises and allows you to easily adjust your recipe regardless of how many need to be served.

How to Cook Everything — $4.99

Simply looking at the title of this app should be an indication that How to Cook Everything for the iPhone is a must have app for fans of cooking. This app sports over 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to-illustrations and is a great tool to have in the kitchen.

Woman’s Day Cooking Assistant — Free

Woman’s Day Cooking Assistant is a free iPhone app from womansday.com, one off the largest women’s lifestyle brands online, and includes recipe ideas, daily recipes, shopping lists, tips, cooking time calculators, and more.

Urbanspoon — Free

If you’re indecisive about what to eat and want a great meal with an “urban” kick, you’ll definitely want to check out the free Urbanspoon app for the Apple iPhone. Urbanspoon is a restaurant finding app that features a slot machine that randomly picks a type of food restaurant and alerts you to the nearest restaurant that fits those requirements.

Epicurious — Free

Epicurious is the must have cooking app for the iPhone and is so popular, in fact, that it has been downloaded over 3.9 million times. It features beautiful illustrations of delicious meals, grocery lists, detailed instructions, tips, and a buzzing community to help you hone your cooking skills or find new meals to prepare.

Grocery IQ — Free

Grocery IQ is the perfect grocery shopping companion that allows iPhone owners to organize lists, scan barcodes of food items in grocery stores, and do away with handwritten scribbled grocery lists once and for all.

Allrecipes.com — Free

As an extension of the allrecipes.com website, the Allrecipes .com iPhone cooking app provides the great features of the buzzing online site right on your iPhone and is a great way to discover new meals to create.

FoodEssentials Scanner — $2.99

If you’re interesting in knowing what’s inside your food before you buy it, FoodEssentials Scanner is an iPhone app that you’ll want running while you shop at the grocer. This is the premier food scanning app for the iPhone and will give you accurate nutritional info of the food you’re trying to buy before you buy it.

Betty Crocker — Free

Betty Crocker is a popular name brand in the kitchen and if you’ve enjoyed cooking and eating, their meals in the past, this iPhone app will unlock the secrets and great taste behind the Betty Crocker meals you’ve enjoyed since childhood.