10 Best Upcoming Movies of April 2011

Spring has sprung, and the season change has brought with it a lot of promising new movies. Get ready for plenty of animals (elephants, birds, sharks, and bunnies); unlikely superheroes; horror movies; princes and playboys; and even a killer kid in these upcoming April movies:

Upcoming Movies with an April 1, 2011 Release Date


Celebrate April Fools’ Day with the whole family by taking your kids to see this movie about the Easter bunny (just don’t tell them that the existence of said bunny is an April Fools’ Day joke). Russell Brand voices the jelly bean-pooping rabbit in this fun film about a slacker (James Marsden) who accidentally hits E.B. (short for “Easter Bunny”) with his car, agreeing to take in the runaway who has come to Hollywood in hopes of becoming a drummer. And of course the bunny turns out to be a horrible houseguest who brings a plot about saving Easter with him. Hugh Laurie voices E.B.’s dad, and David Hasselhoff, hot chick Kaley Cuoco, and a bunch of fluffy yellow chicks trying to steal the holiday from the bunny family also star.


And if you wanted to play a really cruel April Fools’ Day prank on your kids, you could always take them to see this horror movie instead (please, don’t actually do this). It’s kind of like an exorcism movie that left out the word “exorcism” to fool moviegoers into thinking it’s a fresher idea — a family discovers that their comatose son has been possessed by something supernatural. Still, it could be an entertaining horror flick for the younger crowd (it’s rated PG-13). Barbara Hershey, the object of another entity’s affection, stars alongside Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson.


This definitely looks like one of the funniest upcoming movies of April, as Rainn Wilson quits his job at “The Office” to become a crimefighter called Crimson Bolt. His down-and-out character decides to become a superhero to take down his wife’s new boyfriend — a drug dealer played by Kevin Bacon. His weapon of choice is a trusty pipe wrench, while his comic book store clerk-turned-sidekick Boltie (Ellen Page) sports a pair of pretty vicious-looking, Wolverine-like claws. Unfortunately, this funny film is only in limited release in LA on the 1st, but it will be expanding to more theaters week by week.

Upcoming Movies with an April 8, 2011 Release Date

Soul Surfer

Here’s one of the best upcoming inspirational movies for families tired of the usual animated fare. It’s based on the true story of a surfer girl (AnnaSophia Robb) who loses an arm in a shark attack, only to take up surfing again with encouragement from her family and friends. Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid star as her parents, while Carrie Underwood stars as a youth counselor in her first movie role. It looks very sentimental and it’s definitely not for everyone, but its focus on family and Christianity should attract a conservative crowd looking for a film that reflects their values (it’s also rated PG).

Your Highness

On the other end of the spectrum, here’s another of the upcoming April movies that looks high-larious. This rated R comedy combines action and laughs as a lazy prince (Danny McBride) is forced to give up his life of wizards’ weed and loose maidens to help rescue the kidnapped bride-to-be (Zooey Deschanel) of his heroic brother (James Franco). If he doesn’t head out to fight dragons, wizards, and other medieval evil, he’ll be cut off from the family fortune. Natalie Portman also stars as a Xena-like warrior woman the brothers team up with. It seems to be a mix of action, adventure, romance, and a stoner comedy (it’s from the director of “Pineapple Express”), so this one could definitely be good.


Saoirse Ronan, the young star of “The Lovely Bones,” will try to pull a Natalie Portman here by playing a murderous 14-year-old. However, her character Hanna sounds a lot more dangerous — her ex-CIA agent father (Eric Bana) trains her very well to become a hit girl. He sends her on a mission to find an intelligence agent (Cate Blanchett), most likely to exact some kind of revenge. It sounds like there could be a few mysterious plot twists, and it looks like Hanna is on the lam throughout a good portion of the movie, making friends her own age along the way. Saoirse definitely seems to do an excellent job playing the creepy killer kid in the trailer, and this is definitely one of the more unique movies being released in April.


If Russell Brand as the Easter bunny wasn’t enough of the Brit for you, check him out again as a spoiled playboy being forced to marry an overbearing heiress (Jennifer Garner) or else give up his life of luxury. Arthur seems ready to become a working man for his working-class love (Greta Gerwig), but of course he’s going to need some help making it in the real world (so this is where nanny Helen Mirren steps in). His version of Arthur seems a lot like rocker Aldous Snow, but Brand always does a decent job getting laughs, so this remake might just be worth a watch.

Upcoming Movies with an April 15, 2011 Release Date

Scream 4

Ghostface has a whole new lineup of potential young victims, including Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, and Emma Roberts. Oh yeah, he’ll also lampoon the “Saw” franchise at some point in this horror movie injected with a little humor (“Saw” deserves all the stabs that it gets). So will this one be decent or just as big of a train wreck as star David Arquette’s life? It’s hard to say, but it’s the best bet for rated R horror movie fans in April.


Movie producers are probably praying that the popularity of the Angry Birds game featuring the macaws from this movie pays off in ticket sales, and since this is the only animated movie of April, they might just be in luck. The new face of Mark Zuckerberg (Jessie Eisenberg) voices Blu, a rare blue macaw that can’t fly. He believes that he’s the only bird of his kind until he finds out that there’s a female of his species (Anne Hathaway) in Brazil, and he sets out to find her. She doesn’t seem too interested in the old saying that birds of a feather flock together at first, but the two get to know each other better when they embark on a musical journey through the rainforest of Brazil. The movie definitely looks and sounds pretty in the trailer, so hopefully the storyline doesn’t get too generic.

Upcoming Movies with an April 22, 2011 Release Date

Water for Elephants

Fans of animals, Robert Pattinson, and Reese Witherspoon won’t want to miss this romantic story about a circus worker (Pattinson) who falls in love with Reese Witherspoon’s character, the wife of an abusive animal trainer (Christoph Waltz). (Funny story: Pattinson said that an elephant let out a 45-second fart directly in Witherspoon’s face while filming.)

So April is definitely going to be a very interesting month for movies, and it really seems like there’s a little something for everyone this spring.