10 Best Funny Rated R Movies of the Summer

It looks like “The Hangover” changed the summer movie landscape for the better — there are loads of funny rated R movies set to hit theaters in the coming months. From bad teachers and bridesmaids to horrible bosses and vampires, here’s a look at the raucous rated R raunchiness that moviegoers have to look forward to:

Funny Summer Rated R Movies with a May Release Date

Bridesmaids – Here funny gal Kristen Wiig plays a maid of honor forced to put up with the rich, snobby bridesmaids of her successful best friend (Maya Rudolph). A she struggles to please them throughout the pre-wedding planning, she gets drunk a lot, so it should be interesting. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like “The Hangover” starring women based on the trailer, but at least Hollywood is making an attempt at a female-friendly rated R comedy. Check it out on May 13.

Everything Must Go – Will Ferrell hasn’t done as well choosing movies these days, so hopefully he’s got something good with this comedy about a man who loses his job and gets locked out of the house by his wife along with all his belongings. He then spends the next four days trying to sell everything deposited on his front lawn. It sounds a little iffy, but at least it’s an original idea with a solid supporting cast in Michael Pena and Rebecca Hall. It hits theaters on May 13.

Hesher – This dramedy stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a long-haired metal-head who unwittingly ends up helping a 13-year-old boy (Devin Brochu) and his father (Rainn Wilson) deal with the loss of their mother and wife after he starts living in their garage (uninvited). Natalie Portman also stars in what is surely one of the most intriguing summer movies of the year, so it’s definitely worth a watch on May 13.

The Hangover Part II – In what is definitely one of the most anticipated funny movies of the summer, Stu (Ed Helms) is getting married in Thailand, and he and the wolfpack just can’t resist seeing what kind of trouble they can get into in another country. But this time they have a little cub along — the brother of his fiancée (Jamie Chung). Stu gets a tribal face tattoo from Liam Neeson; there’s a monkey; Zach Galifianakis shaves his head; they lose his fiancée’s little brother; and Ken Jeong is back. It’s definitely looking like one of the best movies of the summer, so don’t miss it on May 26.

Funny Summer Rated R Movies with a June Release Date

Bad Teacher – Here Cameron Diaz stars as an evil educator who doesn’t give a damn about education — she just wants to win over a rich substitute teacher (Cameron’s ex Justin Timberlake) to replace her sugar daddy. However, she might have to learn to control her potty mouth and penchant for partying hard if she wants to steal him from another teacher (Lucy Punch). Jason Segel also stars as a sarcastic gym teacher doing his best to woo Cameron’s character. Watch the terrible teacher get a D for “devious” on June 24.

Funny Summer Rated R Movies with a July Release Date

Horrible Bosses– And from teachers behaving badly we move on to bad bosses. Here Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston play bosses from hell whose employees (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day), team up with a con artist (Jamie Foxx) to rid themselves of the trio making their workplace miserable. But of course their murderous plan backfires in a glorious fashion. It sounds like the rated R version of “Nine to Five” with a glorious comedic cast, so check out a movie that could be even better than “The Hangover Part II” on July 8.

Friends with Benefits – And for those looking for a romantic comedy that’s rated R, check out Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake as a couple trying out the “no strings attached” thing (a la Mila’s “Black Swan” costar). This version looks much more promising than Natalie’s movie with a similar premise, so don’t miss the better black swan getting it on with Sean Parker on July 22.

Funny Summer Rated R Movies with an August Release Date

The Change-Up – Here Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman switch bodies, giving Bateman’s family man character the chance to pursue a smokin’ hot colleague (Olivia Wilde). But of course when both guys get a taste of the lives that they think they want, it’s not long before they start trying to figure out how to get their old bodies back. Check out this rated R version of “Freaky Friday” that’s just a little bit freakier (since sex is involved in the switch) on August 5.

Fright Night– In this remake of the ’80s classic, Colin Farrell plays the vampire next door, while Anton Yelchin stars as the teen that discovers his deadly secret. It’ll definitely be nice to see bloodsuckers get R-rated again on August 19.

Our Idiot Brother – There doesn’t seem to be anything on the web confirming that this one will be rated R yet, although it seems likely since there’s a full frontal male nude scene. But look on the bright side, guys: Rashida Jones and Zooey Deschanel star as a bisexual couple. Plus the idiot in question is Paul Rudd, an idealist who wreaks havoc on the lives of his sisters. Emily Mortimer and Elizabeth Banks also star, so with such a lovely cast, give the idiot a chance on August 26.

I’ll also add one more movie here that could be rated R, given that is directed by the man that blessed us with “Zombieland.” In “30 Minutes or Less,” Jesse Eisenberg stars as a pizza delivery guy who is kidnapped by two criminals (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) who force the pizza boy and his pal (Aziz Ansari) to rob a bank. But of course their task will not be easy (nor will it likely take less than 30 minutes). Hopefully word will get out that this one is also rated R before it hits theaters on August 12.

So since it looks like it’s going to be a very competitive summer when it comes to funny rated R movies, don’t miss your chance to beat the heat with lots of laughs during the dog days.