10 Best Apps for Busy Moms

What are 10 of the top apps for busy moms? From cooking to first aid duties, moms have a lot on the daily to-do list. What are some great smart phone apps to help mom stay prepared and at the top of her game?

Dinner Spinner Pro. This must-have app for busy moms brings the world of All Recipes-the popular online recipe and cooking site to the hand held for quick and easy searching and retrieval of meal time recipes. With Dinner Spinner Pro -it’s possible to enter up to 8 ingredients-or even exclude them if they are on the family dinner boycott list. Dinner Spinner Pro is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for $2.99 through iTunes.

Cozi Family Organizer.Cozi offers both a free iPhone application and a Premium version ($5.99) to help busy families stay organized at home and on the go. The site offers simple calendar functionality-which syncs with Outlook to quickly and easily update and email activities and schedule changes.

Punchbowl. Looking for a great invitation and party planning app for moms? Moms are usually the family’s designated party planners-and the Punchbowl.com app makes party planning easy with a super simple app that can be used at home or on the go to plan every aspect of a party or event from invitations to notifying guests about planned party food

Mom Maps. Looking for kid friendly spots and activities on the go? Mom Maps finds family friendly sites using the phone’s current location-and sorts them into categories such as restaurants and playgrounds. This is a great app for moms exploring during vacation-or even for finding undiscovered treasures in the usual neighborhood. Mom Maps is free and available on iTunes.

Lose It! Lose It! is a busy mom friendly weight loss aiding app. With Lose It!, moms (and non-moms alike) are able to record daily food and exercise logs, track weight loss goals-and even share weight loss details and motivate friends through loseit.com. Lose It! is free and available through iTunes.

Pocket First Aid and CPR. Do you stop a nose bleed by holding the head forward or back? With this free app, mom is a little more prepared for the unexpected. Covering a wide range of First Aid and CPR skills and techniques, the Pocket First Aid and CPR app puts a much needed resource at the fingertips of caregivers.

Pet First Aid. Remember that pets have accidents and mishaps as well-and parents are usually the “first responders”. Pet First Aid is not exactly the same as the tips and tricks used for humans. This app may help you prevent an expensive, weekend trip to the emergency vet-or may help save the life of a family pet prior to a follow up at the emergency vet.

Grocery IQ. While many organizing apps have grocery list features, Grocery IQ takes grocery shopping list organization to a higher level. Lists can be created and organized by store-or aisle and saved for different favorite stores-all with a simple scan of a product barcode and a shuffle of the aisle order. The lists can be shared between users, linked with Coupons.com, and even updated in real-time so that last minute items can be added to a list when a spouse is in the store. Grocery IQ is also a free app.

e-Nag. The e-Nag app lets users set pre-scheduled text message reminders and alerts-a great alternative to often forgotten sticky notes. Users can select from a series of pre-programmed “Quick e-Nags” or type personalized reminder notes-choose e-Nag recipients and schedule the reminder for delivery when it’s needed. e-Nag is currently $2.99 through iTunes.

Craft Finder. Need a last minute project for a school activity, assignment-or just as a fun diversion for the kids? Craft Finder offers a database of arts and crafts themed projects, sorted by age and skill level, with free, step by step instructions and material lists from Family Fun magazine. The free app is available through iTunes.