10 Awesome iPhone Apps for Dads

With the growth of today’s technology more and more dads are discovering the benefits of Apple’s iPhone and its apps. There are several hundreds of thousands of apps available, which can make finding the right apps difficult. I have found ten apps that can helpful be for dads.

ESPN ScoreCenter
The ESPN ScoreCenter is a free app that makes it possible to get all the information you need on your iPhone. With this app, you can view live updates on scores, details, summaries and news. You can save your favorite teams to the myTeams list and follow them. Busy lifestyles can make it hard to keep up with all your favorite sports. This app allows busy dads to get the information they need, anywhere they are.

Fitness Pro
Fitness Pro is another free app that makes exercise and fitness easier. This app features a personalized workout plan builder and has over 450 exercise references for help. Knowing which exercise targets a preferred area can be hard, but this app allows you to learn about muscles and what exercises are for it. You can even log exercises and track your progress. The best feature of this app is the ability to log and map your runs in detail. The Fitness Pro app is perfect for a dad wanting help and advice for their personal fitness.

Groupon is an app devoted to saving you money. It keeps you informed about deals and discounts near you. Information about the deal and a summary of the product or activity is also available. I don’t know anyone who would not like to save some money. Dads can find discounted activities to do with their family. You can save a lot of money and all you need is your iPhone.

Yelp lets you find all types of businesses in your area. If you are in an unfamiliar place and have to get gas or eat just search for a place with Yelp. Maybe you want to take your family somewhere new to eat but don’t know where. Yelp can help you make a choice with reviews and you can get directions to the place.

Organizer: ToDo+Cal+Grocery Lists+Alerts
There are many times when I have needed something but forgot to get it when I went to the store. My family has asked me to get things for them and I have forgotten. This app allows you to make a shopping list and family can even add to it. Not only is it a shopping list, it has a calendar, to do lists, and alerts. Busy dads can stay organized with this app.

When I’m on the Internet I tend to bunny trail. With Instapaper you can save articles, or reading material you come across but do not have time to read. Everything you save will be available even when you are offline. This app also features dark mode, search, adjustable font, folders, dictionary look-ups, and many more.

iLlumination US
iLlumination US is free app that acts as a flashlight. If you ever need to see in the dark you will not need to search for a flashlight anymore. There is a tap mode available for iPhone 4 that allows you to turn it on and off with ease. You can also lock it so you don’t accidentally turn it off. The color of the light can be changed to your preference. This is the perfect app to have in case of a power outage. Just pull out the phone and turn on your light.

This app has 13 animated measuring tools to help get a task done easily. Included in this app are a ruler, a tape measure made for measuring furniture or fabric, a tape measure to measure rooms, a long distance tape measure that can measure up to 82ft, a measuring wheel for distances over 80ft to a mile, a pedometer, and many more. Dads everywhere are constantly needing to measure something but don’t have the tools. With this app it is not a problem. You can have the tools you need everywhere you go.

Find My iPhone
Losing a phone loaded with personal information can be a scary thing. The Find My iPhone app is for helping deal with a lost phone. It requires an iOS 4.2 device to be able to find your phone. Using the second device you can see the location of your phone on a map, send alerts to it so it can be easily found, and you can even delete the information on the lost phone. With this app you will never have to worry about losing your phone.

Apple offers tons of amazing apps for iPhone.There are so many free apps available and this app will help you find them. You can find up to date information on free and discounted apps. You can even get alerts if an app you wish to have becomes free or discounted. Search and find all kinds of free apps and even some of the other apps I listed. This app is free so you wont be wasting any money if you decide you don’t like it. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

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