10 Apps Every Dad Should Have!

The iPhone is an awesome tool. You can practically do anything with an iPhone and there are so many different apps to choose from. But if you are a father, what type of apps are a must have? I created a list of the top ten apps every father should have on their iPhone. These apps will help when mom’s not around. Here is the list:

1. Phone Aid- Phone Aid is a first aid guide for common injuries and illnesses. It features CPR for infant, children and adults. It provides American and European versions of recommendations for first aid. It also includes a button to call your local emergency room. Mom may not always be around to help or call for assistance. This is a great app for first-time dads.

2. BabyPhone- BabyPhone is a baby monitor that will call you on your house phone or any other phone to be alerted when your child wakes up, without having to be camped out. The main screen shows current status, microphone sensitivity and the threshold for triggering the alarm. If the microphone’s display reaches or exceeds the set threshold, the previously defined phone number will be called.

3. Lullaby- Lullaby is a virtual musical box/musical soft toy that gently plays famous lullabies, such as Hush Little Baby, Lullaby and Goodnight, and Rock-a Bye Baby. This is perfect for comforting babies and young children. It also plays a relaxing, beautiful video of a sky at night with sparkling stars.

4.Cook this Not that- This is the ultimate recipe app for dads who can not cook, who do not want to cook, or who love the kitchen but just needs a healthy dose of inspiration. There are over 140 quick and healthy meals that can save you 10, 20, or even 30 pounds. You can find old recipes as well as new recipes. There is a Grocery List that lets you add and manage recipe ingredients for easy in store shopping.

5. ToDo- Now we know that dads have chores and responsibilities just like mom. ToDo Task Manager is the most connected iPhone and iPad touch apps and makes task management simple and fun. It features projects and checklists, passcode protection, after school schedules, and multiple reminder alerts.

6. Weather Channel- I think that every dad needs the Weather Channel app to help plan the days activities. Whether dad would like to take the kids to the park or to the zoo, he would need to know if it is going too rain, what kind of clothing items he may need to bring along, or whether or nor he should cut the grass that day. The Weather Channel provides severe weather alerts, extended forecasts, full screen maps, seasonal information, and it lets you set your location.

7. Men’s Health Workout- Ladies, we like our men to stay in shape, just as they do us. With Men’s Health Workout app, dad does not have to go to the gym. He can workout in the convenience of his own home and does not have to waste money on a gym membership. Men’s Health Workout app has 23 preloaded workouts, step-by-step instructions, high quality photos, and advanced logging features. Men’s Health Workout makes it easier than ever to sculpt new muscle, burn fat fast, and build your best body.

8. Billtracker- Billtracke helps dad manage all of the bills right from his iPhone. He can track information about each bill, its due date, amount due, whether the bill has been paid, and confirmation.

9. Control4MyHouse- Control4MyHouse requires a Control4 interface. From your iPhone, you can control the lights, the HVAC, audio and video devices, movie and album networks, IP camera viewing, wake up control, playlist creation, and simple room selection. This is great if dad is in a rush and forgets to turn something off or forgot to set the alarm on the house.

And last but not least is actually my favorite;
10. NBA Today- With the playoffs going on, dad has to keep track of who is winning and going to the finals. You get all the NBA news and scores of the games. You get schedules of what game is coming on next. It is awesome.