10 Albums that Will Enhance Your Summer Playlist

With summer just around the corner, it is time to create those summer play-lists and get jamming! With so many artists creating a variety of new hits, I thought it would be fun to take a new spin on creating the perfect playlist by using ten older albums. In their own way, each album brings a unique flavor to anyone’s music library and will do nothing but enhance anyone’s summer!

To kick off our scorching summer, we tune our ears over to All Time Low’s So Wrong, It’s Right. This album was released back in 2007 and still provides endless hours of pure enjoyment to all of its listeners. With hit songs such as “Dear Maria, Count Me In”, “The Beach”, and “Vegas” All Time Low does not disappoint. Their music brings a fun, young, and catchy atmosphere to any occasion. This album would be perfect to play during backyard BB-Q’s, road trips, and any teenage get-together. If you end up enjoying All Time Low, they will be releasing their new album Dirty Work this June!

Next, we look up at the midnight sky for the out-of-this-world sounds that Angels & Airwaves bring to their fans. Originally founded by ex-Blink-182 member, Tom DeLonge, Angels & Airwaves offers a magical and pleasant touch to each song they produce. Their album I-Empire, which was released in 2007 as well, takes listeners to a new world with its tunes. Such songs as “Secret Crowds”, “Everything’s Magic”, and “Rite Of Spring” can raise anyone’s spirits with their warm and thoughtful lyrics. This album could make any summer bonfire even more memorable!

We all have our moments where we are very thoughtful and observant. In these moments, life is no longer taken for granted and instead soaked in for all that it is worth. Augustana does a wonderful job in creating mellow but lively tunes that will leave you breathless. Their CD Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt (2008), is probably one of my personal favorites. Their songs “Sweet And Low”, “Twenty Years”, and “I Still Ain’t Over You” are fused together with pure passion and determination. Unlike some of today’s mainstream bands and artists, Augustana does a phenomenal job in truly making each song unique and tasteful. This music would be great for walks on the beach or even around the neighborhood on a sunny day!

Now we turn our heads to the band Boys Like Girls and their self-entitled album, Boys Like Girls (2006). This rocking band ties catchy lyrics and fun themes to complete any teen’s mp3 player. “The Great Escape”, “Hero/Heroine”, and “Heels Over Head” are three songs that are impossible to not get stuck in your head at some point. Each member of the band carries that “bad boy” appearance and with just one smile or song sung, they manage to melt the hearts of many of their female listeners. This album is perfect for any of those movie nights with friends or even picnics in the park!

Another great album to give a listen to over the summer, is Rotation (2008) by Cute Is What We Aim For. Shaant Hacikyan, the lead vocalist, provides fun and risque lyrics to each song. Along with the lyrics, this band brings their unique personality with them in each song. The song “Practice Makes Perfect” for example can be looked at in many ways. Is it all about the mistakes Shaant has made in his personal life with alcohol or is it just speaking in general that practice really does make perfect? Either way, this album is great for teenagers to listen to over the summer holiday due to its relatable lyrics with the conflicts and experiences teens have to face daily.

Along with the risque lyrics Cute Is What We Aim For brings, another artist does the exact same. Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream (2010) is a poppy, catchy, and seductive album for all of her fans. The way that Katy takes sex and sex appeal and morphs them into a hit song is unique. Most artists, when singing about sex and the tension it can bring do it very obviously in their lyrics; whereas Katy, is able to intelligently maneuver the dirty and innocent concepts together so that no one will be ashamed of singing along. This album is perfect to have playing on the beach or near the pool.

Moving on to my personal favorite band, The Maine’s Black & White (2010) is perfect in every single way. Yes, I may be a tad bit biased because they are my favorite band but out of all the music I have listened to in my life, The Maine sticks out the most. The Maine keeps their music real. They keep a strong relationship with their fans by updating their social networks often and interacting with fans as often as possible. Their album Black & White has a song for any occasion. “Inside Of You”, “Don’t Stop Now”, and “Right Girl” are three songs that stick out the most. Each song sparks a different emotion and also manages to have you singing along. The Maine is currently touring with the band Augustana. If you want to see a concert where pure music is played, true lyrics are sung, and honest passion is displayed this concert is a must!

Another fun and upbeat album that is a must for your summer is Ocean Eyes (2009) by Owl City. With its hit song “Fireflies”, any little kid or adult will find themselves humming along. Adam Young, the band’s lead singer, has such an incredible way with words. He is able to make rhymes meaningful, fun, and understandable all at the same time. This album is the perfect thing to have playing during fireworks or even those late night bonfires. Adam’s songs will make any get-together a fun one!

So far, a lot of the perks to each album I have listed come down to either the lyrics or the fun each song adds to the album. If there was one band to win an award for their lyrics, Relient K’s Mmhmm (2004) would win hands down. This Christian-rock band uses their religion as a backbone to all of their songs. Each song has a definite meaning and moral or lesson, I would say. I think lyrics are the most important part of a song. If a song has poor lyrics, even if they are catchy, the song still means nothing. With its strong and meaningful lyrics, Mmhmm can realistically be played in any setting and do nothing but enhance the mood.

Smile Kid (2009), we are about done with our top ten summer albums. As this list comes to an end, we turn our attention to the band, We The Kings. We The Kings is a band straight out of the sunny state of Florida and is about to drop another album out this summer! Anyway, Smile Kid is currently their latest album up to date. This album screams summer with the atmosphere each song brings and sets. Whether you are listening to “Heaven Can Wait” or “Promise The Stars”, you will just feel that summer feeling of freedom and fun underneath the sun. That is the best way I can describe it. The band focuses on the fun little things life has to offer and this makes each song that much more enjoyable! Any car ride with a friend would be the perfect time to have We The Kings playing in the background or at full blast.

Well, there it is ladies and gentlemen. These albums may not currently be on the top 20 countdown but each CD is definitely worth listening to. Each song and every song from these amazing artists can and will make a great addition to any setting. Enjoy!