$0 – $20 Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Although shopping for a teenage boy may seem like an impossible task, but once you know how to pick a gift, it is actually quite easy. The trick about knowing what to get a boy is knowing the boy. If you or your son/daughter are friends with him, talk to him. Find out his hobbies and different things he wants to do in the next few years. Using these techniques you can usually find out a unique and thoughtful gift for the teenage guy.

The following are a few ideas to get you started in your gift planning:

‘¢ Gift cards

This is one of the least thoughtful and potentially worst gifts you can get a teenage boy, unless you do it the right way. Before you go out to your local best buy or target to get a gift certificate, find out what your teenager is interested in. If he likes going to the movies with friends, get him a gift certificate for the movies. If he loves sports and is interested in starting a new sport soon, get him a gift card to the store he likes.

‘¢ Tickets to a sports game or concert

Many teenagers love sports and music, but seeing them live is a great experience. If the teenager has any favorite bands or sports teams, try looking for a ticket for them. This is guaranteed to be a great gift that the teenager will love.

‘¢ Necklaces

This is a great non-expensive gift for guys who like to wear a little jewelry. Make sure it’s something they would like such as a chain or dog tags.

‘¢ Sports toys

If the teenager is interested in sports then getting him the equipment he needs to play that sport is a great idea. I he loves soccer, get him a soccer ball, if he has a ball then you can get him a net, shin guards, or shoes. It’s all about fining what he needs and wants and then getting it for him.

‘¢ A date

Although this may be untraditional, if you could find a teenage guy a date with an attractive girl you then you have potentially given him the best gift he has ever received. To do this, make sure the girl is willing (don’t bribe her!) and that the teenager would like the idea. This is a great gift but it wouldn’t work for everyone.

‘¢ Rubix cube

If your teenager likes solving puzzles, showing off, and learning new things; a rubix cube is a perfect gift for him. The price of a rubix cube ranges anywhere from .25$ to 50$+ depending on the quality, although you can be sure to find a good one for under 10$.

‘¢ Money

If you have studied the teenager and you still cannot figure out another gift to get him, you can use money as a last resort. In order to stand out from all of the other people giving him money, you may want to exchange it for gold dollars or quarters. Gold dollars will be surprising and exciting for the teenagers while quarters will hopefully make him laugh.

In the end, it’s all about knowing the teenager. The gift ideas above are just suggestions to get your brain moving and you should not view it as the only possible gifts. In the end, it is most important to make sure that the teenager will like it. Good luck!