Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

For better or for worse, credit cards are the financial tools of our age. Even vending machines nowadays have a slot you can swipe your American Express card in. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to credit cards. Listed below are five point/counter-point pros and cons of using “plastic”: 1. Convenience vs. Craziness … Read more

Sesame Street Resorts – the Perfect Family Vacation

Yes, Sesame Street has themed resorts that make perfect family vacations! Beaches Resorts now offer Sesame Street Resorts where the entire family can relax and have lots of fun. And, following the great Sesame Street plan, children can even learn! Beaches Resorts has two different Sesame Street locations in the Caribbean, one in Jamaica and … Read more

Movie Review :: Certified Copy (2011) (Unrated)

In its own low key and enigmatic ways, Certified Copy is rather profound – a film that draws the audience in not through plot, but through character, theme, and most surprisingly, intellectual debate. It’s an examination of ideals and beliefs, of how perception shapes reality. That it ultimately provides no explanation and takes no particular … Read more

Qualities of an Effective Manager or Leader

All managers and leaders have the same common requirement to work with and through people to accomplish the desired results. Managers and leaders have a wide variety of duties which can also vary based on the the industry, service, or products of the company but the necessary qualities are basically similar. Primarily managers and leaders … Read more

Philadelphia Phillies Fivesome Face History

The Philadelphia Phillies have accumulated the greatest group of starting pitching in nearly a generation. As a result, Philadelphia baseball fans have set a standard for the team in 2011– it’s World Series or bust. The starters have to produce collectively to be considered great. Although they have the talent, it is unlikely that the … Read more

10 Facts You Need to Know About 401(k) Plans

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had enough money to spend the rest of your days in comfort? Most of us right now are working hard with these two things in mind: to fulfill our needs for the present and save up to secure for our future. Setting aside money in the bank isn’t a … Read more

Marine Corps Boot Camp Review: The Gas Chamber

We were standing there as a platoon waiting our turn to go into the gas chamber. You can imagine our apprehensive state of mind as we had heard all kinds of horror stories about this part of training. The gas chamber. The name itself insights fear. One of the male platoons was currently taking their … Read more

How to Make a Wall Hanging from Silk Ties

I am a quilter and I come from a back ground where you either wore it out or used it up. Quilts were very necessary when I grew up. We did not have heat at night, so you slept under many blankets and quilts and cold winter nights these were piled high. My mother and … Read more

Where is the Value in Baseball Cards?

They are made of cardboard and not much larger than your credit card. And to purchase one or more of the more sought-after and expensive ones you might likely need to max out said credit card to strike the deal. Baseball cards. What makes them so valuable? Many people just don’t get it. My wife … Read more

Demi Lovato, Like Other Celebrities, Speaks Out About Eating Disorders

Demi Lovato has been out of rehab since late January 2011, and is working on her recovery while also trying to help others who have struggled with similar issues she has endured. Lovato came forth in recent weeks openly discussing that she has battled with anorexia and bulimia, cutting and bipolar disorder. The former Disney … Read more

When William Met Kate: How Hollywood Treats Royal Weddings

As witnessed by the pomp and splendor surrounding the nuptials of Kate Middleton and Prince William, royal weddings typically have a fairy tale atmosphere about them. The same goes for the weddings of fictional royalty in films. Princess Mia, the would-be queen of Genovia, discovers she has to get married in “The Princess Diaries 2: … Read more

5 Day Trips from Boston, MA

With money being tight these days not every family can afford a five star vacation that lasts a week. For those of us that cannot afford a big expensive vacation, here are five exciting day trips from Boston, MA. 1. Cape Cod Scenic Railroad This trip is for relaxing and taking in the sights. Take … Read more

Article Writing Examples: How to Find Free Article Writing Tips

I have been writing online for many years and recently discovered that many other writers just starting out have no idea how to format articles and create content for online use. From my own experience, article writing examples are the best resource for article writing tips. Even if you have been writing for offline sources … Read more

Best 5 Plants for Your Garden

Whether color, scent or maintenance are your deciding factors when selecting foliage for your garden, these top 5 plants are sure to please. Mentha Mint plants can serve multiple functions in your yard. Mint naturally repels mice, ants and rats, creating a first line of defense to your home. It also makes an excellent addition … Read more

The Shining by Stephen King

Somehow I’ve made it to this age having only read one Stephen King novel (Pet Sematary). So I decided to remedy this by reading The Shining, which I had heard was immensely creepy. I had also liked the movie as well, which also inspired my reading of this novel. I did enjoy the book, it … Read more

First Person: Budgeting for Student Loan Repayment After Graduation

As happy as I was to be finished with school, the excitement of graduating was dampened a bit by the knowledge that I’d soon be making hefty payments toward my student loans. While going to school was unquestionably worth it, paying back the money I borrowed took some careful planning and preparation. Here’s how I … Read more

Losing Weight the Tasty Way: Low-Carb Thai Cuisine

Have you ever noticed how, on average, the Thai are remarkably slim? This is because their diet is extremely healthy, being afflicted with very little butter, cream, and dairy products, and high on vegetables, fruits, and herbs with excellent nutritional values. Try these foods, either cooked at home or ordered at a restaurant in Thailand, … Read more

Would John F. Kennedy Have Supported a Mormon President Candidate?

Recently, CBS News did a story on the frontliners for the 2012 presidential candidates. Each person mentioned was given a list of campaign strengths and weaknesses. Two of the names mentioned are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Jon Huntsman Jr. and Mitt Romney. Amid claims that other candidate’s weaknesses included … Read more

How to Reduce Lugguage when Flying

Baggage fees that airlines charge are outrages. Here are a couple of tips that will help you keep the cost down. Of course you must pack your essentials: clothes, shoes, and toiletries; but, there is a way to lesson amount you pack when traveling. Following I offer several tips/steps to help you pack for your … Read more

Freelance Bidding Online: Writing a Winning Proposal

Once you find a project you want to bid on, you need to make your bid stand out from all the rest. If an employer has 15 bids to choose from, there will need to be something in your proposal that catches their attention besides your price, which may be higher or lower than some … Read more


Monday, March 28, 2011 ALABAMA RADIATION MONITOR ABOVE ALERT LEVELS HERE IS SCREEN CAPTURE I have not yet updated here on this blog about this ongoing story about a small conspiracy theory group on facebook and the efforts made to share information> Facebook: Social Network Utility or Social Monitor. Today we find another situation unfolding, … Read more

Making a Difference at the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center in Purchase

Originally Published in Education Update Genocide knows no geographic or historical boundaries but its numerous instances share a series of striking similarities. “The first thing that genocidal governments know is that the world is not going to do anything, says Donna Cohen, executive director of the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center in Purchase, New … Read more

Inspirational Bible Verses

If you were to ask a variety of Christians what their most inspirational Bible verses were, you would surely get an array of answers. Different verses are applied to our lives differently, even as we re-read material. Scripture is mysterious in this way, yet the truths of the word can clearly guide us through times … Read more

Save Money on Groceries: Use Ethnic Grocers

If you are like me, you find yourself struggling between cheap produce and variety. Exotic ingredients command crazy prices, but regular grocery produce is already expensive enough. Also, many ingredients that are “once in a while” purchases for you at regular grocers can become crazy expenses, especially spices and sauces. There has to be a … Read more

Dragons Welcomed Back

Art and beauty are proving to be the greatest weapons against old-time racism in a tiny Olympic Peninsula town. In 2011, the Year of the Rabbit celebrations started downtown with a new dragon awakening and prancing in front of and through the Weel Way Deli, near the town’s southern entrance. The event was eagerly anticipated … Read more

Tips for Making a Perfect Gumbo

Gumbo. Just the mention of the word makes your mouth water. You might just go to Shreveport to have a bowl at The Blind Tiger, or maybe drive a U-Haul van to Dallas to help someone move, ending the day with a stop at Pappadeaux for a cup. Better yet, jump on Southwest Airline’s appropriately … Read more

Earth Day Vocabulary List for ESL and ELD Classrooms

ESL and ELD students always appreciate learning vocabulary that they can see and use right away. They will see these Earth Day vocabulary words throughout the community, at stores, in advertisements, and on the news. Not all of these vocabulary words need to be assigned for memorization, but having them all on one page provides … Read more

Why ‘The Biggest Loser’ Loses to ‘Heavy’

America is a fat nation. According to the National Institutes of Health, about two thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. Yet one of the most popular shows on TV is NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” which pits teams against one another to lose the most weight. A&E has countered with “Heavy,” a weight loss … Read more

How to Lose Weight Quickly for Summer

When it comes to losing weight quickly for summer or a special event, it’s all about having the right weight loss tools and positive mental attitude. If you have been at the same weight for several months, your body may fight as you try to lose weight. Researchers say it’s important to lose as much … Read more

How We Are Prepared for a Tornado

Having lived all my life in Tornado Alley, I’m as accustomed to tornado watches and warnings as people in Minnesota are to snowstorms. I can remember many sleepless nights through the years, when we were either up watching the weather or lying in bed listening to weather updates on the radio. Over a period of … Read more

The Ultimate Fighter : Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos Episode One

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos is the thirteenth season of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The first season of the Ultimate Fighter featured fighters who are mainstays in the UFC. Stephen Bonnar, Mike Swick, Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Josh Koscheck, Chris Leben and Kenny Florian are all well-known names in the UFC … Read more

Tips on Saving Money

Many of us are living from paycheck to paycheck and are in desperate need to save some money. Well you have come to the right place. I have put together a list of proven tactics that I use in my daily life to help you save as much money as possible. #1 Buy Energy Efficient … Read more

Shopping in Sausalito, California

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to get out onto the Bay one way or another. You have a number of choices: if sailing’s your thing, a catamaran fleet operates from Pier 39 ($35-$50); a Bay Cruise will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about Alcatraz (the birdman’s name was … Read more

Thirteen Best Interview Questions for Potential Hire

It’s that time of the year again when you could use an extra hand around the office. If you want to ensure you are hiring the most qualified workers then you need to know the best questions to ask a potential hire to ensure you are adding the best quality to the company. Here are … Read more

Funky Fungi: Crochet Mushroom Pattern

For this project you will need to know how to crochet chains, single crochets and double crochets, and how to make increases and decreases. Some experience with crochet in the round is recommended, or you may watch these instructional videos. Materials Variegated yarn – a “fuzzy” yarn, such as fur or boucle, is excellent Crochet … Read more

Secrets of Sales Success Pt. 1: 4 Easy Steps to Closing the Sale

Closing the sale is where we all get the most anxiety. As they say, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”, and that couldn’t be more true. After all, selling something is the only way you can truly bring success to your company. There are so many ways to close a sale, and many of them … Read more

Bidet Attachments Vs. Freestanding Bidets

Even though those of us in the know acknowledge the benefits and importance of making bidet usage part of our daily routine, many Americans still haven’t done so. For most people, their only exposure to bidet use has been a free standing version, which is a unit separate from the toilet and equal in size. … Read more

2011 April Fools’ Day Jokes from Across the Globe

April 1 is otherwise known as April Fools’ Day. It is a holiday in which people play practical jokes on each other. People will see untrue headlines in the newspaper, celebrities will issue false statements via Twitter, and other practical jokes and gags will take place. There are three notable April Fools’ Day jokes this … Read more

Baby Binkies: Pros, Cons and Other Useful Pacifier Information

It’s often the maternity ward staff that fosters one of the hardest baby behavioral issues to kick: pacifier use. A plastic substitute for the breast, a binky leaves most babies content as can be. In fact when dipped in sugar pacifiers have even been shown to reduce pain in infants during shots, medical procedures, or … Read more

Planning a Spring Themed Wedding Buffet

Planning your reception dinner can be one of the most stressful parts of putting together your dream wedding. When choosing appetizers, entrees and deserts, think light. Guests do not want to feel weighted down from food and unable to enjoy the rest of the festivities. Serving a buffet style dinner is not only cost efficient, … Read more

5 Best Qualities of an Effective Manager

Having worked in more than 10 IT projects under as many managers, I have come to realize that a manager has first to be a good leader. Someone whom we can look up to, whom we can respect for their knowledge, support, guidance and assistance when required. Only when we can respect an individual for … Read more

Animal Cruelty, the Worst Form

The following subject matter may be hard for some people to read. I felt it necessary to bring true light to this subject in its truest form. Animal Cruelty is a sad, disgusting, poor way of treating any living, breathing creature. The cases mentioned in this article were, by law, treated as a misdemeanor, punishable … Read more

A Musician’s Guide to Musical Instrument Stores in Boulder, Colorado

Musicians in Boulder , Colorado , are often surprised by the sheer volume of instrument and music stores in such a small area. With nearly twenty local musical instrument stores available to choose from within the county borders, it’s easy to be intimidated by the selection! Whether you’re looking for beginning school band instruments, professional … Read more

Gmail Motion: Not So Far-Fetched

Whether it is Rick-Rolling millions of YouTube users or changing the company name, Google has always been an avid prankster on April Fools’ Day. This year is no different, as Google introduced a new motion-sensing program to be used with users’ Gmail account called Gmail Motion. The farce program was supposed to make ” for … Read more

Health Care Reform: Repeal of 1099 Requirement Likely, Support Widespread

The Senate is scheduled to vote April 5 to repeal the 1099 reporting mandate that was enacted under last year’s health care reform law. President Obama’s State of the Union Address invited the change. “If you have ideas about how to improve this law by making care better or more affordable, I am eager to … Read more

Madness in March: “Houston, We Have a Problem!”

This year, the NCAA tournament has lived up to it name, absolute “MADNESS!” You have Virginia Commonwealth University representing the Southwest region, University of Kentucky from the East region, University of Connecticut from the West region and Butler University from Southeast region to round up the Final Four finalists remaining in the NCAA tournament. This … Read more

Becoming an Effective Manager

Some years ago when I volunteered to help start a local community group, I quickly realized that I knew nothing about the discipline of business management. I learned a lot of management lessons the hard way during the years I was involved with that group and hope to help you become more effective by recounting … Read more

Easy Ways to Waste Your Money

Most of us have our share of bad spending habits, but many more of us may be surprised to discover just how many ways we can be parted from our money. Nobody desires to just waste money, but sometimes it is almost a natural instinct, something we do in spite of ourselves and our noblest … Read more

Smaller Planes, More Flights: The Facts Behind Flight Delays

Back in the 1980s, a flight from Phoenix to Chicago meant flying a widebody jet. Today, a passenger on such a route is more likely to be on a 737, an A320 or an MD-80 single-aisle plane than a 767. The ubiquity of the 737 and A320 (the MD-80 is mercifully on its way out), … Read more

The Art of Growing Edible Weeds

Back in the late ’90s, I worked as a vegetarian chef at a health food store. The Executive Chef, Leslie, was the poster child of natural living. She took great care in securing organic food purveyors and carefully inspected every piece of produce that entered the store. Leslie ordered fresh edible flowers every day to … Read more

Popular Cooking Classes for Couples in the D.C. Area

Sharing a cooking class is a great date night option for couples. Whether you’re looking for an activity to break the ice, or to renew and rejuvenate your relationship, a cooking class works like a charm. If you are in the D.C. metro area and are looking for a cooking class for your date night, … Read more

Video Game Review: “Max Payne” For PlayStation 2

“Max Payne” is the story of an undercover cop-turned-fugitive when he becomes framed for murder. His family has been killed and so has his best friend. Now he’s on the run from vicious mobsters and the police, all during a dark and cold winter blizzard in New York City. Not to worry though, Max Payne … Read more

Police Fear the Worst for Missing Autistic Boy

An autistic boy in the Montreal area has been missing for two days. Three year-old Adam Benhamma went missing from the front yard of a family friend in Laval, Quebec on Sunday. Police have combed the woods near the home on foot, and have also used all terrain vehicles and sniffer dogs in an attempt … Read more

Chris Ingram: A Life Well Lived

On Friday, March 25, 2011, at 5:50 a.m. EST, Chris Ingram took his last breath and entered into the presence of God Almighty. I believe he was met with: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Only 53 years old, Chris Ingram had spent the past two and a half decades determinedly living out the two … Read more

Whole Grains and Carbohydrates Provide Energy

Consuming carbohydrates and whole grain foods provides the body with energy. Whole grains contain better carbohydrates plus fiber to help fight diabetes and heart disease. Whole grain foods have layers of bran which contains vitamins, minerals and proteins. Bran supports the digestive and metabolic process and prevents unwanted weight gain. Whole grains also help control … Read more

Little League Memories from Ancient Times

Lyndon Johnson was the President of the United States. The Beatles were some newfangled band invading our shores from England back in the days when I played Little League baseball. The U.S. was in turmoil as was much of the world as we as a nation were trying to make sense of the JFK assassination, … Read more

The Japan Relief Effort Continues

On March 11, 2011 Japan was hit by one of the largest recorded earthquakes ever. This 9.0 magnitude quake resulted in a tsunami that wreaked havoc on this island nation which left in its wake mass devastation for the people of Japan to deal with. Along with the thousands of casualties and missing individuals during … Read more

The Case for Geothermal Energy

Like, come on, what else is there? The potential for nuclear energy blew up at Fukushima in Japan after the earthquake. The potential for solar energy sets every day with no, nothing to get through the night. The potential for wind is, yes, blowing away, off and on and in far away places. Fossil fuels … Read more

Top Ten Tantalizing Trends in Wedding Gowns for 2011

Nearly every bride has a mental picture of her perfect wedding dress. However, if you don’t really know exactly what you are looking for, let’s take a look at the latest trends in wedding dresses for 2011. Shimmer The runways this year were filled with dresses of every shape and size, but the one thing … Read more

Detoxify Your Body and Lose Weight Before Summer

Every year you tell yourself that you are going to maintain your exercise routine and watch your eating habits throughout the winter, so you don’t gain weight and every year you come out of winter unable to button your jeans. This winter was no exception. Well, don’t panic- there is still plenty of time to … Read more

Go Green: Why You Should Grow Your Own Produce

I know what you might be thinking: “It takes too much time and I have no space, and besides, I’m a total atomic orange thumb, not a green thumb. I could never grow my own produce.” Yeah, yeah. Growing your own produce doesn’t have to be a full time job. You can grow in pots, … Read more

One-on-One with Flossie Skincare Founder & CEO Ashley Terrell

At the young age of just 22, Ashley Terrell, Flossie Skincare Founder & CEO, has taken the world by storm with her seven companies and counting, including a clothing label and a production company. It is no wonder she won third place in the State of Virginia for entrepreneurship when she was just 18 years … Read more

The Ultimate Fighter : Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos Episode Two

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos is the thirteenth season of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The first season of the Ultimate Fighter featured fighters who are mainstays in the UFC. Stephen Bonnar, Mike Swick, Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Josh Koscheck, Chris Leben and Kenny Florian are all well-known names in the UFC … Read more

Houston Animal Rescue Organizations

As the adoptive mom of four large dogs and three cats, I pride myself on staying informed when it comes to Houston’s pet overpopulation problem and the shelters that are homes for thousands of homeless cats and dogs. When I was younger, a trip to an animal control center or rescue organization was traumatic, but … Read more

How to Eat Better and Pay Less

In our time of obsessive weight loss and changing food culture, “eating healthy” has become a slogan we all want to get behind. More often than not, however, this means shelling out the big bucks on everything with the “organic” label on it, all the while spending more time at restaurants than in your own … Read more

Hypercalcemia: Too Much Calcium in the Blood

According to MedlinePlus, hypercalcemia, affects less than one percent of the United States population. Hypercalcemia is caused by above average calcium serum levels. When your calcium level is too high, it can cause disruptions in muscle contraction, hormone levels and brain functioning. Post-menopausal women are prone to this condition because of their hyperactive parathyroid glands. … Read more

How I Lost 100 Pounds

“There is no reason why I should be able to hide two people behind me”. This was my first thought when I saw the picture of my wife, our two friends, and myself three years ago. I never really noticed how large my 295 pound body was until that picture caught my eye. I mean … Read more

Removing Calluses Using Natural Alternative Cures

We were all born with beautiful feet, smooth and unblemished. Then as we get older and wear shoes for fashion rather than function, friction creates thickened skin and we are plagued with removing calluses. Do you have unsightly lumps and bumps of skin that you want to remove? Are you looking for tips on removing … Read more

Natural Tooth Whitening Tips

White teeth are always in fashion, especially today, with so many over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies available. However, many of these remedies use chemicals that can seep through the delicate tissues in your mouth and under your tongue. If you’re seeking a chemical alternative to all those trips to the dentist or packs of strips and … Read more

5 Crazy Fixes for Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is as much a part of pregnancy as losing sight of your toes and constant heartburn. Some women have morning sickness not just in the a.m. but 24 hours a day. For most, the nausea of morning sickness goes away after around 12 weeks but for many, the queasiness lasts the entire nine … Read more

Guide to Choosing the Right Purse for the Season

Ladies have a lot of options when shopping for a new purse. Handbags are an important accessory. The right bag can transform an outfit from so-so to so stylish. Most of us cannot function without toting around a bag day and night. Both small clutches and large purses with a variety of fabrics and trims … Read more

Living with Heavy Periods: National Survey Reveals Profound Effects on Daily Activities

By Dr. Michael Bennett, M.D. Grand Rapids Women’s Health For NewsUSA Millions of American women suffer from a medical condition called heavy monthly bleeding (HMB). Many have periods so heavy they can limit daily activities, including work, childcare, exercise and managing household responsibilities. Despite the significant impact of heavy periods, many women suffer in silence, … Read more

Keeping the Parent-Teen Sex Ed Talk Going

The sex talk is one of the most needed for teens and the most feared for parents. The teen years are rough for everyone. Coping is not easy for adolescents or their parents. Told from teenager’s viewpoint, “Spring Awakening” relates to a most emotionally important time of family life. No generation is immune to this … Read more

Nintendo 3DS – 3D Gaming in the Palm of Your Hand

The Nintendo 3DS aims to take handheld gaming to the next dimension. Literally. The 3DS is a 3D display that does not need special glasses to use. It released March 27th, and has been flying off the shelves ever since. While the technology in the handheld is cutting edge, it doesn’t mean you have to … Read more

Marine Corps Boot Camp Review: Physical Training

Success in surviving Marine Corps boot camp is largely dependent upon preparing before you get there. In the Marine Corps, physical fitness will be part of your daily life and you will be expected to uphold that level of training throughout your career in the Marine Corps. This training begins usually with the help of … Read more

Is LeAnn Rimes Too Skinny?

Photos of an especially skinny LeAnn Rimes that surfaced recently have many wondering if the country singer has gotten too thin. Eonline shows a picture of Rimes out and about in Calabasas a couple weeks ago beside a picture of her one year ago, and the difference in weight is easy to see. Opposing Views … Read more

Best Cat Toys at Low or No Cost

In these trying economic times, we want to amuse and entertain our feline best friends, but with budgets tighter than ever, we have a hard time justifying frivolous purchases of toys for our family pets. Fortunately, the inability to spend a lot of money on the newest gadgets does not mean that you can’t still … Read more

Shelby American Muscles Up with 800 Hp GT 500 Super Snake

Shelby American with its partner Ford Racing, plans to steal the stage at the 2011 New York International Auto Show, which opens April 22 and will display some of the world’s hottest automobiles. Super Snake GT500 Will Have 800 Wild Horses Under the Hood The Shelby American Super Snake will likely be the hottest of … Read more

A Tale of Two Networks

Initially I had the idea to sit down and write a really lengthy article comparing Verizon’s iPhone 4 to AT&T’s iPhone 4. With great detail being paid to how much better Verizon’s voice network was than AT&T’s, but how AT&T’s data network would smoke Verizon’s in an actual speed test. Truth is, no matter how … Read more

Clever Garden Gadgets for 2011

With America’s newfound passion for gardening has come a new wave of fabulous garden gadgets. These days, you’ll find everything from upside-down hanging planters to exotic tools to deluxe composters at nurseries, garden centers and major retailers, but what to buy – and what to spend – is sometimes hard to determine. No doubt you’re … Read more

8 Kid-Friendly Retauraunts in the Phoenix Area

Ground Control Ground Control in Goodyear is a great restaurant that serves up galato (just call it ice cream and the kids will be happy), coffee, and even wine and beer for those days when you need to take the edge off of parenting. During the day this wine and coffee bar is packed with … Read more

2011 NCAA Tournament: From Fairy Tale to Nightmare

As a diehard college sports fan who happens to live in Richmond, Virginia, I feel compelled to explain my views of this year’s NCAA tournament. Sure, everyone loves it when a Cinderella comes seemingly out of nowhere to slay the giants. Okay, so maybe I’m combining fairy tales, but you get the idea. This year, … Read more

Affordable Easter Brunch in Salt Lake City

When it’s time to take my family out for a celebration, cost is always a concern. Easter brunch can easily run in the $40.00 range for adults, and when you add in the cost for the kids, well, it can be a little daunting. There are several locations in Salt Lake City, however, where you … Read more

Winning This Week: Fantasy Baseball Pickups

The Fantasy Baseball season is in full swing and already, panic has set in. “Carl Crawford is the latest overpaid bust”, or “What is wrong with Pujols???…Is this the start of a decline?”, are just some of the early wails of the respected players’ owners.First off, Crawford will be fine, the lineup is too good … Read more

Insider’s London Transport Guide

I’ve traveled to London many times and it will always hold a special place in my heart as my very first international destination. After extensive travel throughout most US states, Canada and Mexico as a kid, teenager and during college, I had never been to Europe until after graduating from UCLA, while working at my … Read more

Buying Gear- My Shopping Tips for Paintballers

When buying Paintball gear you must realize a few very important things to stay on track and safe through out your Paintballing years. Remember to always ask your self for a budge… “How much am I willing to spend on Paintball?” By asking this question you will become more aware of whether or not you … Read more

One Man’s SunTrust Mortgage Nightmare

Last year I separated from my wife of twenty years, and in the last eight months or so have discovered that there are in fact a lot of things that I can do on my own, things she had managed to convince me that I could never do without her. I managed to get a … Read more

Health Threats Caused by Home Dust

If you or someone in the family is allergic to dust and pollen, you’ll need to do more than invest in hypo-allergenic comforters, pillows and other household items. Many health threats are caused by home dust that can be prevented. You can incorporate some simple dust-removal strategies into your weekly cleaning routine to rid your … Read more